Choosing Extra Mural Activities for Your Kids

Choosing extra mural activities for your kids is about far more than just finding them something to do after school hours, especially if you have an au pair helping out. Extra murals are however still vitally important.

Encouraging your child to participate in activities outside of their daily routine at school will promote good social and communication skills with peers. It will also provide your child with the opportunity to enjoy a physical outlet of any frustrations and also to make new friends along the way. It is through these extra mural activities that kids usually discover their interests and disinterests as they learn and grow.

Sporting activities are a popular choice and for good reason. It’s a healthy way to get your child actively involved with his or her peers. You will find that most schools offer sports practice and lessons after school classes and these are typically age appropriate, to cater to all kids. You won’t find your 6-year-old child on the same netball court as the teenagers, for example.

If you’re looking for extra mural activities to keep your kids active and fit, choose something with a regular weekly schedule. Three times per week (or even 4 times) is a suitable amount of time for your child to be physically involved in a sport. If you have an au pair working with your children, ensure that the drop off and collection times are convenient and that he or she has safe transportation for your child. Remember that if your au pair is driving your kids around, you will need to cater to fuel costs and should probably check to see that their vehicle’s safety features are up to standard.

Another great extra mural activity to consider for kids is that of acting / drama or dancing. Usually offered by private companies that aren’t linked to any particular school, these particular extra mural activities are designed to promote self-confidence and build self-esteem. Both of these are very important aspects of any young child’s development.

If you’re running out of ideas and want to ensure that you choose extra mural activities for your kids that they will enjoy and look forward to, chat to your au pair about any ideas or suggestions that he or she might have. You may be pleasantly surprised by what a little brainstorming can achieve.