Au Pair Career Opportunities

Finding the perfect au pair for your children can be daunting task. Where do you begin with sourcing high quality, trustworthy people who not only love to look after children, but are really good at it? Hiring an Au Pair is not easy, there are just so many people out there who think au pairing will be an “easy way to make extra money” and they tend to not take the role very seriously. Sifting through the quagmire of candidate CV’s is what makes this process tedious, you put one advert out online and you get 50 applicants who did not read your requirements and clearly do not suit the role at all. Then you shortlist a few and when you meet them they disappoint. We have some tips on how to make this process that little easier.

Tip 1: Set up an Aupairsa profile

This is a platform where au pairs load their profiles- which will include their availability, salary expectation, previous experience etc. It is not fool proof, as you will still need to follow up on references and criminal record checks etc. but it’s a start.

Tip 2: Ask the teachers at your kids’ school

You may find that some of the teachers are looking for afternoon work, or may know a fellow teacher friend who is looking.

Tip 3: Send an advert out in your kids’ school newsletter, or put an advert up on the notice board

Au pairs for other families read these, you may find that another family’s au pair is looking for a new family to work for (maybe her current family doesn’t need her that much anymore, or they are relocating etc.). You may also find teachers approaching you for the job!

Tip 4: Social media

Join those Facebook and WhatsApp groups for your area, they really help! People in a community tend to look out for each other, and if you find an au pair on the group they have very little place to hide, so con artists tend to mostly stay away from these platforms.

Tip 4: Use an Agency

This is a more expensive option, but the most effective so it is worth the expanse if you can afford it. A reputable agency will have a large selection of thoroughly screened au pairs available- they will have checked criminal background, references, had a personal interview with them, checked their cars etc. They will find out what kind of personality works well with your family, and match an au pair who fits your criteria. If you go this route you will likely interview a maximum of 3 candidates before you find the one. BUT you need to be sure that the agency you use is a reputable agency! There are some that use potentially detrimental shortcuts to place au pairs- for a guide on what to look for when selecting an agency click here: What to look out for when using an au pair agency.

Whatever route you chose to find your perfect Au Pair, just remember that he/she is out there! It can be a daunting search when you try to do it without the help of an agency, but it is possible, so persevere, know that you are going to kiss a few frogs before you find the one, but when you do you will know, and it will all have been worth it.