Our Professional Tutor Services

Working from Home? Here’s How Our Professional Tutor Services Can Assist You


With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the world in many unexpected ways, the approach to education has rapidly changed in South Africa. Plenty of families now face the challenge of parents working from home, which makes giving their children the educational attention they require a rather difficult feat. Thankfully, there is a way to balance work and raising academically successful children – and we at Au Pair Extraordinaire make it possible through our professional tutor services.


Personalising Your Child’s Learning Journey


Tutor services are aimed at supplementing your child’s education. Tutors are, therefore, available to assist with homework and various subjects in a way that will enhance your child’s chance of academic success. This is a form of one-on-one learning, where the child can learn at their own pace and within the comfort of their own home without pressure.


A Different Approach to Academic Challenges


Every student has weaknesses – and assessing these weaknesses to improve upon them is important. This process can be intimidating for a child, however, who may fear failure in front of their teacher or their peers. Tutor services can help to create a safe space for your child to explore topics and subjects they are not yet comfortable with and give them the confidence to tackle any challenge without hesitance.


Alleviating Pressure for Parents Working from Home


Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, or if you work from home, you will know how difficult it becomes to manage a household and spend time helping your child with schoolwork. Tutor services give you the peace of mind that while you are busy working or running your home, your child is still receiving the assistance they need with their curriculum.


Continual Feedback While Learning


Modern classrooms in South Africa, whether on-campus or online, are usually quite full and this makes it easy for some students to fall behind. Oftentimes, teachers simply do not have the capacity to focus on a single child’s learning needs, and some children then have to try and navigate the learning material by themselves. Tutor services, however, give the child the advantage of personal attention. This means the child receives continual feedback and does not need to guess when it comes to grasping the content of the learning material.


If you are seeking flexible, enjoyable, and personalised learning support for the young, bright mind in your home, why not contact us? Here at Au Pair Extraordinaire, we handle the vetting process and will pair you with a candidate that matches your needs. For more information, be sure to get in touch with us here.