Professional Tutor Services

The demand for tutor services has increased dramatically this year due to the extent and consequences of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. As school schedules were plunged into disarray, parents were expected to jump in and take over schooling duties while still navigating life and supporting the family. While most parents are certainly dedicated to giving their children the best they possibly can, the truth is also that we, as parents, weren’t prepared to immediately become teachers, and did not have the necessary tools at our disposal.


Tutor services offer the perfect solution – a safe, one-on-one environment, led by an experienced individual who can focus on the educational needs of your child.


Not only do tutors have the skills, knowledge and tools that are needed to effectively guide a child through their curriculum, they also have the advantage of not being the parent. As all parents would know (or quickly found out), this helps to create an easier and more familiar educator-pupil relationship for the child.


Aside from the convenience of having tutor services as support for parents, they also offer a number of additional benefits to child learners during these especially challenging times:


  • Keeping up with the curriculum


With no warning about the impending interruption this year was going to bring, many children face the threat of falling behind on their curriculum, which can have a knock-on effect on future learning. Tutor services can help learners keep up, in spite of interruptions.


  • One-on-one attention


Tutors have the advantage of being able to provide customised teaching methods to match the learning style of your child, since they work as a private tutor with one child at a time. As they get to know your child’s needs and approach, they can adapt accordingly to guide your child in the most effective way.


  • Improved academic performance


This personalised approach allows tutors to address specific challenges and help learners to master work, rather than simply cover it all in time. This leads to a better understanding of the work and improved performance.


  • Building self-confidence


Tutor services also help learners to build their self-confidence. They are in a safe space where they can ask questions, trust their own judgement, and master work. All of this helps them to develop trust in themselves and more confidence in their approach to work.


Find the Perfect Fit


To support your child in their studies, contact Au Pair Extraordinaire to enquire about tutor services. We put significant hours into screening, testing, interviewing, and vetting our candidates to ensure that we can match families with the absolute best candidates.