At Au Pair Extraordinaire we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing exceptional childcare and education placement service and peace of mind to both the families and candidates who put their confidence in us through our expertise and knowledge of children and the industry.

We were founded in 2007, and evolved from a small agency that was niched to placing Au Pairs, to becoming leaders in the industry across a wide range of childcare and education placements, including Teachers, Homeschool Teachers, Tutors, Nannies, Night Nurses, Facilitators, Maternity Nurses and of course- Au Pairs.

Au Pair Extraordinaire was founded on the principle of trust and integrity, we understand the importance of finding a candidate who is the right fit for a family, and strive to set benchmarks in the industry on screening and matching procedures.

We achieve this by applying a rigorous filtering methodology that not only enables us to separate the diamonds from the rough, but also helps us understand the personalities, strengths, beliefs, and talents of each one, so we know which family puzzle they are the missing piece of.

We serve to operate with the utmost integrity and guide our practice on international business ethics and codes of conduct. We adopt a holistic top-down approach- placing emphasis on the specific needs and uniqueness of each family as a complete unit to ensure the perfect fit between family, child, and candidate.

Letter from the Owner


Charne Peters


I started out my journey with a dream to one day be a family psychologist, but life has a funny way of taking us to greater heights through rather unorthodox paths. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychology (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University in 2012, and walked out with a vision that not only used this intricate understanding of human behaviour, but served to create powerful families, inspired parents and nurtured children. As parents, we want to ensure that our little ones have the opportunities to become the best versions of themselves. We want them to feel safe and nurtured, to grow, to see just how important they are. We also want to be their role models, to be the best, most inspired version of ourselves. Juggling a career with parenthood in order to provide the best for our children can be overwhelming. We at Au Pair Extraordinaire aim to facilitate an environment where parents allow themselves the permission to lead empowered, inspired career driven lives knowing that their children are being fully supported in the most capable of hands.