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We at Au Pair Extraordinaire are dedicated to finding you the perfect au pair who is inspired to grow, love and develop your children to lead extraordinary lives. One who is congruent with your family’s personality, values and approach to raising your children.

Our screening process is known to be the most thorough in the industry- it includes criminal checks, personality testing, premium social media screening, credit checks, ID and Drivers verification and structured interviews. We take special care in matching candidates to each family according to their individual specifications, personality and values. Leave it to us to help you find the perfect fit.

How it works

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“An au pair is not a just a babysitter for your children. An au pair becomes an extremely important part of your children’s lives. He/she can be relied upon to take care of your children when you are not able to be with them, and provide nurturance and stimulation.”

Screening process

Screening process

All Au Pair Extraordinaire candidates are thoroughly screened by our expert recruiters before they are represented by the agency. Once candidates are vetted by us, an average of only 1 in every 3 are selected to become a part of the Au Pair Extraordinaire team.

Some of the checks we do:

  • Criminal background check
  • Premium Social Media check with comprehensive report
  • Psychometric test (EPP) with comprehensive report
  • TransUnion Credit checks
  • SA ID verification
  • Drivers licence verification
  • Standardised interviews reviewed by a Psychologist

Our candidates are required to have a Matric Certificate, valid driver’s licence, a roadworthy car that is regularly serviced and has seatbelts in the back, a valid South African ID, a clear criminal record, a good credit history, a low risk social media presence and contactable childcare references. The agency conducts in-depth interviews on a candidate’s ability to nurture, their maturity, reliability, competency and responsibility. Au pairs that are represented by Au Pair Extraordinaire are required to have an authentic passion for children, patience, as well as the ability to show initiative. Only au pairs of the highest quality will be represented by the agency.

The Au Pair Extraordinaire Guarantee

The Au Pair Extraordinaire Guarantee

We at Au Pair Extraordinaire place emphasis on finding the perfect fit for your family, and we know that it is not always possible to know that for sure until you have had some time to get to know the person you have hired. This is why we offer our families a 3-month probation period, beginning the day the candidate begins working for you. If, during this time, you feel that he/she is not quite the right fit, or they choose to resign, then we will replace them as quickly as possible at no additional cost to you.

It is important to us to facilitate lasting, high quality placements, where all parties have an enriching experience. The person you hire will likely become an honorary member of your family that you trust completely with your children, and we know that these things can take time.

What can I expect to pay my au pair?

What can I expect to pay my au pair?

An au pair’s salary / hourly rate will depend on many factors, including his or her age, previous childcare experience and childcare courses completed, as well as the number of hours worked each week. Au pairs usually look for set monthly salaries, it can be very difficult to find an au pair who is happy to get paid per hour. Au pair salaries vary according to the amount of experience or qualifications they have. The more hours you require an au pair in a week, the higher the salary, and the higher the salary, the higher the probability your position will attract the good quality candidates. We do recommend that if you want a high quality candidate, that you consider offering a salary slightly above market value.

The below table serves as a rough guide for monthly au pair salaries in the Sandton area. We will recommend an offered salary based on your requirements, as well as the area in which you live. Please note that you as the employer will be responsible for paying your au pair’s salary directly.

Schedule of agency fees

Schedule of agency fees

Please note that all placement fees are once off, and payable before the au pair starts working for you. Please refer to the below table for a guide.

What duties can you expect from your Au Pair?

What duties can you expect from your Au Pair?

Each family will have different expectations of an au pair. Below are common duties, although your personal requirements can be discussed with your au pair:

  • providing nurturance, care, stimulation and companionship for your children
  • fetching your children from school
  • transporting your children to extra murals, therapies, doctor’s appointments etc.
  • supervising and assisting with homework
  • liaising with teachers, coaches and therapists on your behalf
  • arranging and supervising play dates
  • purchasing necessities for, and assisting with, projects and assignments
  • running errands for you
  • grocery shopping on your behalf
  • engaging in intellectually stimulating play and activities with your children
  • preparation of meals for your children
  • babysitting and weekend work by prior arrangement
Aupair Guidelines

Guide when interviewing candidates

Interviewing au pair candidates to look after your precious children can be very daunting. Bear in mind that we have already interviewed them personally, checked all of their references from previous employers, performed criminal checks, done a driving assessment, and only select the highest calibre and most experienced au pairs for you to interview who we feel will meet your needs.

However, you will still need to meet with a selection of candidates to make your decision. Trust your instinct. You will know who will be right for your child. And if you call the candidate back for a second interview, include your child if possible. After all, he / she will be the one spending time with the au pair and should be involved in the decision-making process (within reason of course!). Try not to interview too many au pair candidates – three is usually sufficient.

Before you begin your series of interviews, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will my child respond better to a soft and gentle person with flexible boundaries, or a firm person with more rigid boundaries?
  • Will I need my au pair to assist with babysitting, weekend work, or overnight stays? If so, be sure to ask the candidates in their interviews if they are willing to do this.
  • What salary am I prepared to offer?
  • If I go away on holiday with my family, will I still pay the au pair their salary or a retainer for the time we are away (bearing in mind that the au pair will still have expenses that he / she will need to pay while you are away)?
  • Does your child have scholastic or psychological difficulties that the au pair should have specific training or experience in?
  • Would you be comfortable hiring an au pair from a different race or religion?
  • Will the au pair fall within the tax bracket, and if so, what will the implication of this be on their salary?

In the actual interviews, ask questions around the following:

  • Previous experience with children, especially around your child’s age group
  • The reasons for leaving previous employer(s)
  • Religious and moral beliefs and his / her value system and how these can potentially fit in with your family’s
  • Previous experience with educational or psychological special needs, if applicable
  • Hobbies and interests. If your child is sporty, be sure you decide to hire an au pair who shares this interest.
  • If you expect the au pair to cook meals for your child or for your family, ensure that the au pair is capable of doing so
  • The au pair must be able to swim
  • Childcare or first aid courses that the candidate has completed
  • Strengths (academic, sports, hobbies, crafts etc.)
  • Limitations
  • If the au pair will be required to assist with homework, be sure that they are competent to do so
  • If the au pair will be required to entertain your child during holidays or over weekends, ask the candidate to provide examples of fun / creative suggestions
  • Find out if the candidate smokes or drinks
  • Expectations around salary
  • Expectations around paid leave, paid sick leave, paid compassionate leave and maternity leave
  • Discuss hypothetical scenarios to see how a candidate will handle different situations e.g. a hijacking, if your child is injured, stealing, lying, questions about sex, etc.
  • Find out how the candidate will discipline your child when needed (e.g. if your child is having a tantrum) e.g. time out, taking away of privileges.

Much of the communication in an interview is non-verbal. A candidate should arrive for the interview on time, well-groomed and appropriately dressed. Although some visible anxiety is perfectly normal, an excessively anxious person is unlikely to have a positive effect on your child. The candidate you choose should have a friendly disposition, demonstrate responsibility, show empathy and have a genuine love for children!