“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” – Carl Jung

What duties can you expect from your Au Pair?

What duties can I expect as a tutor?

  • The role of a tutor is purely academic; a family will hire a tutor to focus on school work and improve their child’s marks
  • The most important duty of a tutor is to work one-on-one with the child to teach and guide them through homework assignments and test preparation
  • As a tutor you need to provide some of your own examples and exercises in the subjects the child needs tutoring in
  • Many times, tutors also assist with time management strategies for the child. For example, a tutor may help a child create a calendar of deadlines and compile a priority list for assignments
  • A tutor is also there to teach the child important study skills
What can I expect to pay my au pair?

How much can I expect to be paid as a tutor?

A tutor’s salary / hourly rate will depend on many factors, including his or her age, previous experience and courses completed, as well as the number of hours worked each week.

The below table serves as a rough guide on what you can expect to earn as a tutor.

Tutor Rates
Aupair Guidelines

Guidelines when going for an interview with a family

There is no denying that going for a job interview is nerve wrecking! The key to a successful interview for a tutor position is to be prepared, be confident in your tutoring skills, and relax. Have a look at the guidelines we provide to parents when interviewing candidates to get an idea of what to expect in your interview.

Also, take note of the following:

  • Arrive for your interview well-groomed and appropriately dressed. Because you are applying for a position to tutor children, there is no need for a suit, but miniskirts and revealing tops are not a good idea either.
  • Be punctual. In fact, arrive early. If you need directions to where you will be meeting the family, get these the day before your interview.
  • Be prepared with some information about the family you are going for an interview with e.g. the ages, genders and number of children and subjects you will be expected to tutor them in, as well as any special needs they might have for which you will require special training.
  • Speak clearly during your interview.
  • Be aware of your non-verbal body language, and ensure that this is congruent with your verbal communication. Don’t sit with your arms folded. Make eye contact.
  • Be friendly, warm, and compassionate during the interview, and use many opportunities to demonstrate your academic competency of and love for children.
  • Decide on the minimum salary you would like to earn so you can give the family an idea of what you would like to earn, should they decide to offer you the position.

Your views on discipline, moral and religious beliefs must be flexible enough to accommodate the family you work for.

What Au Pair Extraordinaire Expects

What Au Pair Extraordinaire expects from our tutors

  • Once an interview has been arranged for you with a family and you have committed to being at the interview, we expect you to fulfil this obligation. If you cannot and need to reschedule, we require 18 hours notice. If an emergency prevents you from getting to your interview on time or attending at all, you are responsible for contacting the family and informing them of your emergency if it is outside of our working hours. This is to be done with a PHONE CALL, not SMS! Please note that we are not contactable before 8.30am on weekdays, after 5pm on weekdays, or over the weekend.
  • You are expected to be at interviews with families on time and dressed appropriately (e.g. revealing gym wear is not considered appropriate).
  • If a family has made an offer directly to you it is your responsibility to inform us.
  • If you have accepted a position and are no longer available, we expect you to let us know.

What Au Pair Extraordinaire expects from our placed Tutors

  • Au Pair Extraordinaire Au Pairs are to be professional, punctual and reliable.
  • If you are a smoker, you are not to smoke near or around the children or the family’s home.
  • If you run into any emergencies while at work, you are to inform the parents telephonically straight away.
  • READ your employment contract with your employer. Before you start your first day of work, ensure that you are comfortable with all aspects of your contract and the expectations of the family (e.g. working hours, salary, permitted discipline with the children.)
  • Be punctual. When tutoring children, punctuality is essential. If you are late, it makes the child feels insecure. Be punctual for interviews with families. If you cannot be there on time, communicate with the family so alternate arrangements can be made. Doctor’s (or any other) appointments should be made outside of your agreed upon working hours.
  • Communicate with the family. If you are not happy with something to do with your position, communicate with the family so that a solution can be found before it becomes a real problem. We encourage you to have a monthly meeting where you can give feedback to the family regarding their children. It is also a good idea to have a communication book where you can inform the parents of daily activities and important information.
  • Remember that once you are employed by a family, YOU are the only one permitted to be with the family’s children. No boyfriends or friends are allowed to accompany you to work. Because you are being paid to tutor the children, social calls on your cellphone are not allowed.
  • Remember that during your working hours you are required to fulfil your role as a tutor. You need to understand that you will be busy during your working hours and that no personal work, unless otherwise specified, is permitted.
  • Do not let personal difficulties in your life affect your interaction with the children. The family has employed you because they need assistance with their children’s schoolwork.
  • Children require some creativity! Use your initiative when doing schoolwork, and never get into a power struggle with a child.
  • It is important that you do not enforce your cultural or religious beliefs upon the child without the parents consent.
  • No use of alcohol or drugs is permitted.
What to include in your CV

What to include in your CV when applying to become a tutor

Make a list of all tutoring and/or teaching experience. A family who is reviewing resumes will be looking for details such as names and phone numbers of previous employers as well as why a tutor left a position.

Include information on volunteer experiences with children. An tutor who volunteers with children is displaying a genuine desire to work with them.

List any health and safety classes taken. A tutor with CPR and first aid training will be more appealing in the eyes of parents than one without any training.

Include years of schooling as well as educational aspirations, as well as your matric and/or degree certificates. It will also be a good idea to show them the marks you got at school and/or university. Be sure to list any high-school and/or university achievements or accolades if applicable.

Be sure to include personal references from former tutoring employers. A written reference from the employer is very effective.

Explain the choice to become a tutor. Parents will want to know why an individual got into this field of work. A tutor should be specific about her reasons. Obviously, she likes to teach children, but what about teaching children does she like?