Au Pair Agencies

Currently, many South African families find themselves juggling busy schedules which besides feeling very overwhelming, can also leave little time for childcare. This is where Au Pair agencies come to the rescue, connecting families with dedicated, caring, and responsible Au Pairs to provide support and care for our children. One of the standout names in the Au Pair industry in South Africa is Au Pair Extraordinaire.


Why opt for Au Pair Agencies?

Hiring an Au Pair through an agency is a strategic choice for South African families. Au Pair agencies like Au Pair Extraordinaire streamline the process, making it convenient, reliable, and efficient. Here’s why many families opt for this route:

Vetted Au Pairs: Au Pair agencies rigorously screen candidates. We conduct background checks, verify references, and ensure that all potential Au Pairs have the necessary qualifications and experience.

Customised Matchmaking: Each family is unique, and childcare needs differ. Au Pair agencies take the time to understand the family’s specific requirements, matching them with Au Pairs who share similar values and goals.

Legal Compliance: South Africa has strict regulations regarding Au Pair placements. Agencies assist families in navigating the legal aspects of employing an au pair, ensuring that the employment relationship complies with all relevant labour laws.


Au Pair Extraordinaire – A Trusted Name

Among the many Au Pair agencies operating in South Africa, Au Pair Extraordinaire stands out as a reliable and reputable choice. With a strong commitment to providing exceptional service, our agency offers families a unique approach to Au Pair placements.

Thorough Screening: Au Pair Extraordinaire takes the screening process to the next level. Our Au Pairs undergo comprehensive background checks, personal interviews, and a thorough assessment of their childcare skills. Families can rest assured that our children are in capable hands.

Personalised Service: Our agency takes pride in matching families with the perfect Au Pair. We understand that personality, cultural fit, and the family’s unique dynamics are crucial factors in making a successful match.

Ongoing Support: Au Pair Extraordinaire doesn’t stop at the match. We offer ongoing support to both families and Au Pairs, ensuring that the placement is a success for all parties involved. This includes addressing any issues, providing resources, and conducting regular check-ins.

In South Africa, the demand for quality childcare solutions is on the rise. Agencies like Au Pair Extraordinaire serve as a vital link connecting busy families with dedicated Au Pairs. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, stringent screening, and continuous support ensure children are in capable hands.

If you’re a South African family in need of an Au Pair Agency you’ll want to consider Au Pair Extraordinaire. Find your perfect match today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from entrusting your children to a reputable Au Pair. Get in touch immediately or if you’d like to read some customer testimonials before you call us, click here now.