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Looking for the Perfect Au Pair for Your Family? Try Our Au Pair Agency in Sandton!


Many families need help when it comes to taking care of their children, especially families with multiple children, single parents, working parents, or parents who often travel for business. Sometimes, help is needed when one of the parents becomes ill and needs extra attention – an au pair can be invaluable in such a situation. It is, however, vital that the right person is chosen to take care of the children.


This is where our au pair agency in Sandton can help. Do, however, keep in mind that an au pair and a nanny are two completely different things, and that employing a full-time au pair will cost more than employing a nanny. The benefits of having a great au pair, however, are immeasurable.


In South Africa, we often employ nannies to mind small children and to do housework. Most nannies are usually domestic housekeepers who also take care of younger children. They tend not to have child-minding qualifications or high levels of education. Nannies are also not very likely to be able to drive or do not have their own vehicles. They often have first aid training, but no formal education in child management or education.


An au pair, on the other hand, is someone who is more involved – whether they are a full-time au pair or a student who can fulfil all the duties required of an au pair. An au pair may have to act as a stand-in for the parent, which will include offering assistance with homework and education, chauffeuring the children around, and providing stimulation and entertainment for the children. They may also be required to liaise with the schoolteachers or sports coaches on behalf of the parents, and even provide nutritious meals when needed. It is, therefore, a job that requires honed skills and the correct temperament.


At our au pair agency in Sandton, we only deal with high-quality au pairs, and our screening process is extremely thorough. On average, only one from every three applicants qualifies to represent our au pair agency in Sandton. This means that if you need an au pair, we have outstanding candidates from which you can select the most suitable one for your family. All the references and checks are already done by our agency, and we have detailed reports on all our candidates that make it easier for you to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the perfect au pair for your family.


If you want to experience the benefits of having a great au pair who will slot in perfectly with your family and its needs, give our au pair agency in Sandton a call today.