Where to Find the Best Au Pair in Johannesburg for Your Family


One of the biggest fallacies of modern society is that people are expected to navigate the challenges of life perfectly without help. Success is so often measured by how well you can stand on your own two feet. The truth is, however, that success is determined by the realisation of your own dreams and happiness. Not how others perceive you. Instead of taking on too much, why not show your superpower through intelligent delegation, management, and teamwork? The answer to supporting your family to be the best it can be might very well lie in finding the perfect au pair in Johannesburg to join your “team.”


The Benefits of Having an Au Pair for Your Family

The pressures of urban living in Johannesburg can take its toll on all members of a family. While applicable to all, this pressure is often especially felt by working mothers. Society expects you to be everything, all at once – and be flawless at it. This is not sustainable or necessary. In fact, it is often unattainable and stressful. By sharing certain tasks and responsibilities with a reliable, professional childminder, you can ensure that your children get the necessary care and stimulation needed, while you take care of other responsibilities. These might include your career, which supports your family. It is also important to be able to enjoy that necessary downtime in order to recharge and give your family your all.


Things to Look for In A Good Au Pair

Johannesburg has a lot of talent on offer. However, picking the right candidate for your family is not only about skills and qualifications. While these are certainly very important, a personal connection is also vital. Trust your gut on this. While it is easy to check credentials, you also want to feel comfortable with the person you choose. Communication should be easy and honest. Also, very importantly, see how your children react to the candidate and the candidate to them. Do they seem comfortable and happy? After all, they will be spending the majority of time together, so both parties need to be happy.


Where to Find the Best Au Pair in Johannesburg

To find a reliable au pair in Johannesburg that is the perfect match for your family, contact AuPair Extraordinaire. Not only do we have a very stringent screening and approval process for all candidates, but we also help arrange a meeting between you and the candidates that you are interested in. This allows you to meet them and establish a bond before making your final decision. Ultimately, our passion is to support happy and healthy families.