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Where to Find Brilliant Au Pairs in Johannesburg and Cape Town


A lot of families with working parents or with multiple children need the help of an au pair. There is often a range of skills and qualifications that your au pair will need, such as a driving licence, the ability to cook nutritious meals, first aid training, and educational skills. Finding and choosing an au pair by yourself in Johannesburg can be difficult. This is why AuPair Extraordinaire specialises in the provision of au pairs in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


At AuPair Extraordinaire in Johannesburg, we assist parents in finding the perfect au pair for their families. We only recommend high-quality candidates. This is because we carry out a fully comprehensive selection and screening process. This includes:


  • Advertise for candidates through our website: We provide a functional website with an application form for candidates. Potential candidates apply through our website and answer certain questions online. Once we are happy with the application, we will contact the relevant candidate for an interview.
  • Interviews: During our interviews with candidates, we only use expert recruitment professionals to ensure that we employ people of the right calibre. We ask multiple questions to determine certain characteristics and personality traits, as well as the suitability of the person to deal with children of different ages.
  • Screening checks: We carry out a multitude of checks on all our au pairs in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These include the following:
    • A social media check and a comprehensive report to ensure that the activities are of low risk.
    • Psychometric testing with a results-driven report that identifies certain personality traits, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and behaviours. The results of these tests are comprehensive and very indicative of the personality traits of the candidates.
    • Criminal background checks to ensure that the candidates have indeed not been involved in any criminal activities.
    • Credit checks to ensure that the candidates are able to take responsibility of finances.
    • ID verification to ensure that the candidates are who they claim to be and legally reside in the country.
    • Verification of driving licence to ensure that they are qualified to drive a vehicle. They must be in possession of their own vehicle. This vehicle has to be road worthy, be registered, and be well maintained.
    • Various standard interviews that are reviewed by an experienced psychologist to ensure that the candidates are passionate about kids, have a lot of patience, are caring, and are able to be innovative when it comes to problem-solving.
    • Verification of educational qualifications is carried out to determine the type of courses they have completed.
    • Checking references from previous employers.


All of this means that if you are looking for a capable au pair, we are the people to contact. Call our team at AuPair Extraordinaire today to find out more.