Hire an Au Pair

When considering whether to hire an au pair, parents understandably have much to think about. Au pairs spend a considerable amount of time with your little ones, stepping into a caregiving role and shaping a significant part of their lives. Therefore, it’s imperative that you find an au pair who aligns with your family values and treats your child as if they were family. When choosing an au pair, you want to find someone who you trust implicitly and who gives your child their all. 


If you’re looking to hire an au pair, it can feel a little daunting doing it alone. You probably have many questions, such as “Where do I find a great au pair?”, “How do I know if I can trust them?”, “How can I be sure that their references are legitimate?”, to name but a few. Luckily, when you work alongside a reputable agency like Au Pair Extraordinaire, you have industry experts on your side who can streamline the process and find an exceptional pool of candidates on your behalf. 


The Benefits of a Quality Au Pair 


When you hire an au pair, you want a top-quality person who is passionate about childcare. They have the most important job after all – looking after your precious child. That’s why we’ve created a brilliant screening process where we ensure that au pair candidates meet our criteria. This includes checking many vital elements and conducting personality tests, criminal checks, credit checks, social media screening, driver’s license and ID verification, and in-depth interviews where we determine their character. 


We also work hard to match our candidates with families who we believe will suit them best. We consider personality types, values, specifications, interests, and other valuable criteria. We then introduce you to the candidates so that you can interview them, and we’re always on hand to assist you with the interview process. When interviewing prospective au pairs, it’s important to ask about their experiences working with children and to ascertain the reason why they want to be an au pair. Is it just another job to them or do they truly have a passion for working with kids and playing a critical role in their development? 


If you’re looking to hire an au pair for 2024 and want to find a reputable professional who will always give your little one and your family that 100%, get in touch with our team and we will discuss how the process works. Start your new year with ultimate peace of mind and let us find the perfect fit for your family.