kids in pajamas drinking hot chocolate

6 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids for the Coming Cold Months


While we do often have sunny and warm days in winter in South Africa, there can be cold spells that last for days on end. During these times it is often too cold for kids to play outside and it can be challenging to keep them entertained indoors. When the winter crazies and cabin fever set in, the kids might start to get restless and grumpy. During these times, it is necessary to break out a list of things to keep your rascals occupied and stimulated indoors. Here are some great ideas:


  1. Build a fort or playhouse: This is always a hit! Provide the kids with blankets and sheets, and allow them to move furniture together to create a playhouse. They can even add mattresses and bedding, and spend the night in the fort. Kids love building it, changing it around, and being inside it. It is creative and satisfying to build and gives parents hours of peace – as long as you don’t mind your furniture being moved around! If you can get hold of large furniture boxes, these can also be taped together to make a playhouse.


  1. Cook something: One of the skills that will benefit all children is learning how to cook. Look on the internet for easy recipes for cookies or cupcakes. Not only will they enjoy the activity, but they will also learn how to measure ingredients according to recipes. Once these are cooked, they can ice them in different colours and add a variety of edible items, such as chocolate buttons or sprinkles.


  1. Make play dough: There are many easy recipes on the internet for playdough. Purchase the ingredients and let them create their own playdough. Once the dough is ready, they can create different shapes. This should keep them occupied for quite a while!


  1. Sumo wrestling: If they are in dire need of some physical activity, this one will allow them to blow off some steam! Clear out a safe space in a room (no sharp corners or hard surfaces) and put pillows or cushions in the corners. Give them each a big T-shirt and stuff the front and back with pillows or cushions until they are well covered. Then let them have a go at bumping and wrestling each other. Try not to giggle while you play referee to ensure that nobody gets hurt.


  1. Marshmallow structures: Use uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows. The kids can build different structures by sticking the spaghetti into the marshmallows to create different configurations. This is a great way to learn about geometry and the foundations of structures. Afterwards, they can eat the marshmallows.


  1. Make costumes: Let them choose a favourite character from a book or movie, and help them to plan and create a costume for their character. Another favourite is to cut out large cardboard feet and tie them onto their shoes with shoelaces or string. They then they must try to walk around without falling over.


There are plenty more indoor activities for kids for the coming cold months, and when you have run out of ideas, just search for more on the internet. Staying indoors can be great fun for all!