lady screening an au pair

Find Carefully Screened Au Pairs in Pretoria

As a domestic assistant, a carer for your children, and possibly a live-in member of your household, an au pair is so much more than just an employee. This is a person whose credentials and abilities you must be able to trust without fail, which is why you should rely on us to find you carefully screened au pairs in Pretoria.

For us, trust and integrity guides every step of the process when we place screened au pairs in Pretoria. With an intricate understanding of the industry, we know that finding the right match between a family and a candidate depends on a number of factors, which we outline below.


In-Depth Screening

When selecting and improving potential candidates, we have a very strict set of minimum requirements they must adhere to. But we also realise that to identify the best candidates, qualifications on paper are not enough. We carefully scrutinise their experience, qualifications, values, and desire to help children grow and develop. Through this rigorous process, we can say with certainty that our thoroughly screened au pairs in Pretoria are of the highest calibre.


Your Family’s Needs

So, now we have a selection of carefully screened au pairs available in Pretoria. But just as all au pairs are not the same, not all families are the same. Before placement, we also take your family’s needs into consideration. How old are your children? What are their needs? What household tasks do you need taken care of? What is the environment you want to create – not only for your children, but also for your own aspirations in creating the best life for yourself and your family? All of these factors are imperative in finding the right candidate for you.


The Perfect Pairing

Now that we know our candidates’ abilities and the needs of your family, the only thing left to do is to arrange the perfect match for you. Keeping your requirements in mind and pairing it with our aptly qualified and screened au pairs in Pretoria is one aspect. But, because this is such a personal matter that requires complete trust, we also take personalities in mind. It is vital that you and your au pair get along. We believe that this is what builds trust and leads to happy family environments – environments that allow you and your children to grow and develop extraordinary lives.

If you are looking for an exemplary candidate to join your household, trust AuPair Extraordinaire to find you the highest quality screened au pairs in Pretoria. Because family is our priority.