au pair playing with kids

When Is It Time to Hire an Au Pair?


So, you are living the modern picture of success. You have a blossoming career, a healthy social life, and you have a beautiful family. Sounds idyllic, until you realise that one of these aspects will have to take a backseat. There simply is not enough time in the day to give your all to everyone, no matter how badly you want to. The truth is, you do not have to give up anything. You simply have to work smarter. If you were wondering when to hire an au pair, now is the time to start looking into it.


But, you may be asking yourself: “how do you know when to hire an au pair?” Or “should you even get one at all?” If this is the case, also ask yourself: “Is it fair to you or your family to spread yourself too thinly?”. Do you want your children to get the care and stimulation they deserve? Is your career development also to the benefit of your family’s future? Do you deserve to unwind and recharge by having a social life on top of it all?


If your answer to any of the last three questions is “yes”, then the answer to “when to hire an au pair” is “now”.


When you hire an au pair, you are not shirking any responsibility towards your children. You are creating a partnership with a professional individual to help you give your children everything they deserve. An au pair is not merely a babysitter for when you are not around, but rather a professional child caretaker who is passionate about healthy child development, and someone who works with you to ensure that your child is raised within the framework of your family’s values.


This is exactly the approach taken by AuPair Extraordinaire when we match families with potential candidates. We are dedicated to finding you the perfect individual who is congruent with your family’s personality, values, and approach to raising your children. To achieve this, we do extensive interviews, match candidates to families, and let you meet the potential au pairs and interview them yourself before placing someone with a family.


So, when you are ready to hire an au pair, be sure to contact AuPair Extraordinaire and discuss your family’s unique needs with us. We will gladly guide you through the process to help you find the candidate that is perfect for your family. We believe that every child should have the right guidance to grow into the extraordinary person they are destined to be.