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Why You Should Choose the Best Au Pair Agency in Cape Town


Are you a hard-working parent living in Cape Town looking for some expert help with your kids? The standard we had in South Africa used to be the ever-dedicated live-in nanny, but things have changed quite radically. For starters, there are fewer stay-at-home parents than ever before, and the needs of children are no longer the same. Today, children require more than just a babysitter to keep a watchful eye – they need a child expert.


There is a big difference between a babysitter and a fully-fledged au pair. A babysitter will look after the children to ensure their safety and security. An au pair, on the other hand, is a qualified person that can educate, cook, drive the children to their various activities, and ensure the overall welfare of the children during the absence of their parents.


Choosing the right au pair for your family is not as simple as placing an ad in a newspaper. This person will spend a lot of time with your children and, in doing so, will have a big influence on them, which is why you need the help of a professional.


Here are some reasons why you should choose the best the au pair agency in Cape Town:


  • Au pair and family matching: When seeking the professional help of an au pair agency, you need the reassurance that they will find the perfect match for your family. If your child has special needs, for instance, only qualified au pairs will be interviewed. Au pair agencies will make sure that the criteria of the host families and the abilities and objectives of the au pair match.


  • Educational support: The best au pair agencies in Cape Town offer assistance to their au pairs in terms of educational programmes and coaching. The main objective is for the au pair to provide a service which is not only concerned with safety and childminding, but also the nurturing, education of, and the moral wellbeing of the children in their care. Agencies provide valuable assistance and advice when problems arise and always strive to ensure the wellbeing of their employees and the children in their care.


  • No admin: If you are looking for an au pair without the assistance of professionals, you will be responsible for the working contract, the UIF payments, sick leave, holidays, and transport. A good au pair agency will not only choose the right au pair for you but will be in charge of matters like sending a replacement if your au pair falls ill. Moreover, the agency will do the payments, tax deductions, and all the other necessary admin requirements.


If you live in Cape Town and you are wondering why you should call upon the services of au pair agencies instead of finding a childminder on your own, keep the above points in mind. As one of the best au pair agencies in Cape Town, we will not only find you a good au pair but will make sure that they keep up with the latest developments in childcare by offering various workshops.


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