Mother hugging child

Why You Need to Hug Your Child

WHY YOUR CHILD NEEDS A HUG We all love warm, fuzzy hugs. But for kids these are essential for their growth, health and development. Science shows that a 20 second hug releases a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the love hormone which in children helps them to grow healthier brains, strengthen their immune system,…

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Au Pair Agencies Cape Town

Why You Should Choose the Best Au Pair Agency in Cape Town   Are you a hard-working parent living in Cape Town looking for some expert help with your kids? The standard we had in South Africa used to be the ever-dedicated live-in nanny, but things have changed quite radically. For starters, there are fewer…

au pair driving

Au Pairs and Driving

Navigate Your Life with an Au Pair with a Driving License!   There are not many people that parents care more about than their children. The very thought of someone else driving their kids around to school, sports activities, and playdates on a daily basis is enough to throw any parent into a mild panic.…

au pair helping a child wash their hands

Au Pair in Pretoria for Families

Need an Extraordinary Au Pair in Pretoria for You Family? We Can Help!   Many working couples with children need help with the care of their children. Our children are our most precious and valuable human beings, and entrusting their care to another person can be extremely challenging. Often, one of the parents gives up…

adventures of au pairing Roo Kruger

The Adventures of Au Pairing

We at Au Pair Extraordinaire believe that it takes a village to raise a child, and what better part of that community than a dedicated, experienced, and loving member such as an au pair. Born and raised Joburger and au pair for four years, Roo Kruger, 22, tells all about the adventures of helping raise…

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How much does an au pair cost?

How much does an au pair cost in South Africa?  Depending on an au pair’s experience level, you can expect to pay between R5000 to R10 000 per month for a part-time au pair working between 10 to 30 hours per week, and R9000 to R20 000 per month for a full-time au pair working…

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Easter Holidays 2018 – What to do

The hunt is over! Here’s a list of exciting things to do over the Easter weekend. The long-awaited Easter break is upon us. For some, it’s a significant religious holiday to celebrate, and for others, it’s a much anticipated break from work. Regardless of what Easter means to you, it’s time to enjoy the last…

Au Pair Career Opportunities

Where to find an Au Pair

Finding the perfect au pair for your children can be daunting task. Where do you begin with sourcing high quality, trustworthy people who not only love to look after children, but are really good at it? Hiring an Au Pair is not easy, there are just so many people out there who think au pairing…

Safety tips for Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Safety tips for Drop-offs and Pick-ups

Working as an au pair means that you need to have an extra sense of responsibility at all times as you need to be extra alert when it comes to the safety of the children you are looking after. As an au pair you are already dedicated to keeping your client’s / host family’s safe and as such, precautions must always be taken.

Children and allowances

Children and allowances

We lead busy modern lives , and you’ve taken the step of getting an au pair to ensure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. You afford the good stuff for your family, and you’re mindful of the quality of care your child is receiving while you work.