Why do Au Pairs want to become Au Pairs?

Au pairs can be found working in all corners of the globe and one thing that’s synonymous with au pairing is – life experience’. Of course au pairing isn’t always about travelling abroad. In fact, you can provide a similar service in your very own country, which certainly doesn’t detract from the experience involved.

People get involved in doing au pair work for a variety of reasons. An au pair is not just the family nanny. Au pairs become part of the family and the community and they get the opportunity to explore and discover new things while they do something that they are passionate about: child care!

There are a multitude of reasons to want to become an au pair and we highlight a few of them below:

  • Au pairing provides the opportunity to become part of a community and meet others in your field. Most au pairs form social groups in the areas that they work in – it’s a great way to meet others.
  • You get the opportunity to work with children, have a hand in their upbringing and watch them grow. This can be and is a very rewarding process.
  • It provides you with the perfect opportunity to earn a decent income while studying. Many au pair jobs are part time or only require you to be with the children after school hours, leaving you plenty of time to study.
  • You get the opportunity to earn a rewarding income while doing something that you love. Au pair jobs aren’t glorified babysitting jobs. You are required to get actively involved in the lives of the children that you are looking after. As a result, the remuneration involved can be lucrative, depending on how much time and attention you need to provide the children with and whether you are in a live-in or live out position

At Au Pair Extraordinaire, we encounter people who want to become a babysitter or au pair, on a daily basis. We strongly advise that you only enter the field if you love working with children and if you will take the position seriously. After all, you are becoming a part of your host family’s lives – you should want to make it count.

If you are interested in becoming an au pair contact us at Au Pair Extraordinaire today by completing our au pair registration questionnaire.