Is having an au pair cheaper or more expensive than other childcare options?

, it can be hard for your child to receive the individual attention that he or she needs and deserves during their developmental years.

Leaving your child in childcare facilities on an ongoing basis can in fact affect your child’s quality of life. It also must be noted that these days, nurseries and child care facilities are becoming more expensive than au pairs in Johannesburg.

When hosting an au pair in Johannesburg, you are basically inviting them in to your family. They will be involved at every level of your child’s day and will ensure that, on a daily basis, your child has a pleasant, productive and rewarding experience. When budgeting for an au pair, remember that there are a few expenses that you will need to cover during their contract.

These usually include the following:

  • Monthly stipend / salary.
  • Fuel costs if the au pair will be driving the children around.
  • Program and agency fees.

There are many benefits to hiring an au pair, including:

  • You can cut back on childcare costs if you have more than one child. Usually the au pair will care for more than one child at a fixed rate, unlike childcare facilities and nurseries that charge a ‘per child’ rate.
  • They will be around your child when you cannot be, providing a heightened element of safety. All au pairs are trained in CPR and are familiar with emergency procedures.
  • They can assist your child with homework and also do light housework to make things easier for you.

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