au pair helping a child wash their hands

Need an Extraordinary Au Pair in Pretoria for You Family? We Can Help!


Many working couples with children need help with the care of their children. Our children are our most precious and valuable human beings, and entrusting their care to another person can be extremely challenging. Often, one of the parents gives up a career or stops working to take care of the children, because they simply are not confident enough that another person would be able to care for their child or children the way that they would.


There are, however, other alternatives. If you live in Pretoria, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, choosing the right au pair can indomitably change your life. The modern au pair is someone who is highly accomplished and educated, and the right person will be able to provide an effective caretaking service, drive the children to school and other activities, and ensure that they are adequately nourished in body and mind.


The mental and emotional development of the child is also part of the job description. Choosing the correct au pair in Pretoria for your children (or child) is therefore imperative. A great au pair is an asset that will bring joy and stability to a family with hard-working parents. This is why it is so important to choose well when you select an au pair for your family.


You must, first of all, know what your needs are. Remember, it is not just the needs of your family that counts, even though that will probably be your most important consideration. The needs of the au pair must also be considered. This means that there has to be a match between your children’s needs and the abilities and aspirations of the au pair. If you need someone who can tutor maths and assist with homework for Grade 4 – 8, you need someone who is able to do so. If you will be away for only half a day, you need to consider that your au pair will only need half a day’s wages.


If you need a person to cook meals for your children (especially those with particular culinary preferences or allergies), you have to be confident that the au pair you choose is able to provide nutritious meals when needed. If the children need to be transported, you have to have confidence that the person you choose has the relevant driving qualifications and can deal with children while driving.


This is where AuPair Extraordinaire comes in! Not only do we care about our clients and their needs, but we also care about the au pairs that we place in families. We are here to ensure that you get the best au pair in Pretoria for your family, and that the needs of our employees are also considered.


If you are in need of an au pair in Pretoria, give us a call! We are always focused on bringing you the best candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience. Contact our team to find out more!