au pair driving

Navigate Your Life with an Au Pair with a Driving License!


There are not many people that parents care more about than their children. The very thought of someone else driving their kids around to school, sports activities, and playdates on a daily basis is enough to throw any parent into a mild panic. While not many parents are expert drivers, they do like to take on the responsibility of driving their children around themselves, and are not really happy with the idea of handing over this responsibility to someone else.


The fact is that there are times when parents need extra help with driving children around. A single mom, for instance, with a hefty corporate job and who often works late, will need a child (or children) to be collected from school or sports activities by a trustworthy person, often on a daily basis. Working couples also often need extra help to transport their children to wherever they need to go during the day safely. This does not only include knowing how to properly strap children into car seats or putting on safety belts, but it also includes being able to deal with the challenges of a difficult child while driving.


This is where an au pair with a driving licence, education, and experience can make a huge difference. Au pairs are no longer considered glorified babysitters. They are mostly skilled, qualified, and experienced. One of the most requested qualifications is that they are in possession of driving skills and a relevant driving licence. Parents simply need to have confidence that their au pair has the driving ability and experience to get their children from A to B and back again in safety.


At AuPair Extraordinaire, you can find a range of highly qualified au pairs with confident driving skills. We provide you with peace of mind, and assure you that our chosen employees will be able to fulfil the transportation needs of your children without a problem. In addition to au pairs with driving skills, we also aim to promote an environment in which our clients can lead their own lives with the knowledge that their children are nurtured, taken care of, well fed, and motivated by a highly accomplished and caring person.


We realise that your children are the most valuable humans on earth to you, and we strive to always bring out the best in them with our selection of super au pairs with driving and educational skills.


At AuPair Extraordinaire, we choose our candidates not only based on their qualifications on paper, but also according to a highly developed selection process that will establish their sense of integrity, goals, values, and passion for the development of the children placed in their care.


If you need an au pair with a driving licence, experience, integrity, and a passion for children, give our team a call today!