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Au Pair, Babysitter, or Tutor – Which Is Right for Your Family?


Family comes first, but time does not always allow us to give equal attention to all the responsibilities related to it. With the demands that modern-day living places on us, it is wise to create a support structure to ensure our families get the absolute best we can provide. Children, especially, need a lot of care and attention during their formative years. Employing the services of a professional au pair, babysitter, or tutor can be the answer to helping your children flourish, while allowing a healthy life balance for you as their parent.


In order to choose whether an au pair, babysitter, or tutor will serve your family best, you first have to look at the specific needs of your family, and then at the roles and responsibilities of these different professionals, and how they match up.


An au pair and babysitter are perhaps closest in function. These carers are primarily focused on looking after the safety and wellbeing of your children.


Babysitters are usually employed for shorter periods, helping out at times when parents can either not be home, or need some personal time. While their chores can vary depending on the specific agreement between them and their employer, it usually comprises all functions of looking after the children in their care. This can include feeding, bathing and dressing them, helping them with homework, keeping them busy with activities, and ensuring that house rules are followed, such as specific bedtimes.


Au pairs are, generally speaking, a more permanent fixture of a family. They are often experienced and/or trained in caring for children, are employed for extended periods by the same family, and usually have a more extensive list of duties. In addition to looking after the children, their duties can also include picking up and dropping the children from school and activities, providing the children with basic lessons, cleaning, cooking, and other household chores.


A tutor is more specialised than an au pair or babysitter. These professionals are specifically experienced in providing children with lessons and classes, and helping them with schoolwork. They are often trained to assist with specific subjects, age groups, or special needs that a child learner may have. Because of their specialised function, they are mainly focused on education, and do not provide additional household support.


AuPair Extraordinaire manages the placement of au pair, babysitter, and tutor professionals. All our candidates are thoroughly screened, and you, as a parent, get to conduct face to face interviews to choose the candidate that suits your family best. We will help you find the right support for your family.