Woman and three girls (3-5) holding hands, walking through park

Do You Want to Be an Au Pair? Johannesburg Offers Great Opportunities


Do you love children? Do you have a special way of working with them? Are you reliable, caring, and a great role model? Then you may want to consider becoming an au pair. Johannesburg and surrounds offer many great opportunities for professional and trustworthy candidates. A number of affluent families who reside here need a hand in running their households, as both parents often have full-time careers. Still, they want the best for their children, and this is where your services are required. Be paired up with the right family and discover how fulfilling this role can be.


Do not fret if you are not ready to leave everything behind and go work in a strange, foreign country. You can be an au pair right here in Johannesburg. In fact, you may not even have to leave home. Many local families require the services of a professional carer over an extended period of time, giving you a certain level of job security, without even requiring you to live with them. This means you can be an au pair in Johannesburg and still carry on with your life as normal.


So, what duties are required of an au pair in Johannesburg?


While there are some expected chores that form part of an au pair’s responsibilities, there is no set list. Every family has different needs, and it is thus imperative that the family and the chosen carer have an open, honest discussion about the expectations that are to be met. Some of the duties you can expect include:

  • Looking after the children and providing them with care and companionship
  • Fetching the children from school
  • Taking them to and fetching them from extracurricular activities like sports practice, skills development activities, or social engagements
  • Ensuring they do their homework, and providing support where necessary
  • Running errands for the children and/or family
  • Preparing snacks and meals
  • Supervising or assisting with bath time and bedtime


Are you able and qualified to perform these tasks? Great! Here is what to do next on your journey to become an au pair in Johannesburg:

  • Send your CV containing all your previous experience, skills, and talents to AuPair Extraordinaire
  • If you meet our basic requirements, we will call you for an interview
  • If successful, you will start receiving notifications of our vacancies
  • You can apply, and go for interviews with potential families
  • If you are a match, you will get hired


We are committed to sourcing and placing the absolute best candidates with the right families. If you are interested in becoming an au pair in Johannesburg, get in touch with us today.