Au Pair Career Opportunities

Many situations could call for the services of childminders either in the form of aftercare facilities, babysitters, or au pairs. If a career in childminding appeals to you, then perhaps you should consider the various exciting au pair career opportunities available to you through Au Pair Extraordinaire. Not only will you get to work with and look after children, but the experience of becoming part of an au pair family will carry you through your future au pairing path.

Why Consider Temporary Au Pair Placement?

The position chosen is dependent upon the hours you have available for applying yourself to this position. Normally, when one thinks of au pair career opportunities, it immediately seems like a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week commitment. Surprisingly, many families require the services of an au pair for a few hours a day or only for a day or two. This is something to consider should you feel that you are not yet equipped to commit to a full-time position or if you are studying whilst au pairing.

Permanent Au Pair Career Opportunities

When considering permanent au pair career opportunities, it is a privilege to be assigned to take care of someone else’s children. You will surely play a pivotal role in their care and nurturing. Some families require an au pair to cater to their children’s afternoon activities during the week for a few hours every day and other families need assistance with the children’s homework and managing their schedules. Once you have been with a family for a while and have garnered the trust of the parents and children, your au pair career opportunities may lead to a long-term or live-in position where you may be required to join in attending events with the family or going on vacations together.

How Do You Know You Will Find the Right Family?

At Au Pair Extraordinaire, we don’t believe in placing candidates just for the sake of getting placements done. Offering a variety of au pair career opportunities means that we need to ensure a perfect match between an au pair candidate and a family. As compatibility is a key factor, having an interview with the parents and children together after a screening process will definitely seal the deal.

Growing Au Pair Career Opportunities

Let Au Pair Extraordinaire support you in expanding your career in au pairing by submitting your CV to us and attending an interview. Once we have found suitable matches, we will arrange the interviews with families and leave the rest up to you. We will be sure to support you every step of the way. Contact Au Pair Extraordinaire to start your career as a temporary or permanent au pair.