Au Pair Problems

It can feel like a huge leap of faith for parents to entrust the care of their children to a new caregiver or for an au pair to enter an unfamiliar environment. This alone could present possible au pair problems. When it comes to the care of children, potential conflicts and issues need to be addressed immediately by both the family and the au pair. Ensuring that possible problems won’t occur is why it is best to seek the services of a reputable au pair agency, such as Au Pair Extraordinaire as we ensure a thorough screening and placement process to minimise the potential for such problems to arise.


A Period of Adjustment to Alleviate Possible Au Pair Problems

It can be a difficult adjustment for families to get used to a new person joining the home, but it can be equally challenging for the au pair and a period of adjustment is required to prevent au pair problems from arising. A level of flexibility and tolerance must be practised by all parties involved as the caregiver becomes familiar with the family, their routine and their needs.


Typical Problems Encountered by Families and Au Pairs

Miscommunication and unrealistic expectations are two of the main stumbling blocks that could cause concerns. Parents need to effectively communicate what is expected from an au pair and, in turn, the au pair needs to be honest with them. Talking to each other in a friendly and open manner will lead to favourable compromises and a better understanding of what is expected from both parties. At Au Pair Extraordinaire, we screen qualified caregiving professionals for you allowing you to meet and interview candidates who are already a good fit for your family. The interview is an opportunity for you to establish a good rapport with the candidate and open the channels of communication.


Possible Situations Which Could Cause Concerns

  • The agreed-upon working times may be longer than expected.
  • The children may struggle to accept the au pair.
  • The au pair may not be involved enough in the children’s activities.
  • Differing views when it comes to discipline.
  • Cultural differences between the au pair and the family may lead to differing views.
  • Au pair imitations that were omitted at the onset and are now a cause for concern, including not being able to assist with homework.


With our comprehensive screening process, you can rest assured that choosing your candidate through us would limit any issues from arising. In fact, approximately 85% of our client families have hired au pairs from the initial selection that we have chosen for them.


Find the Perfect “Match”  

Finding the perfect match between the family and au pair candidate will erase any au pair problems, especially if the placement is done through Au Pair Extraordinaire. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer.