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3 Tips for Choosing an Au Pair for the School Holidays


Once again, school holidays are approaching fast. Where has the time gone? And where are the days when we were lucky enough to have four holidays a year? The reality for most adults is that we have to be at the office as we work on our careers and ability to care for our families. But what about the children? Who will look after them while you have to be at the office? You cannot expect gran to look after them the entire holiday, and it feels cruel to leave them on their own at the day care the entire time.


The better option, of course, is to consider getting an au pair for the school holidays. This way, they can stay home where they are safe and comfortable, allowing them to enjoy their holiday, while also receiving quality personal care. Like the sound of that, but not quite sure yet? Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect candidate to care for your kids:


  1. Always Work Through A Reputable Au Pair Agency


Without a doubt, you want quality care for your children during the school holidays, providing them with the care and stimulation they deserve, and you with the peace of mind you need. Use an established au pair agency with a demonstrable track record of quality candidates and happy clients.


  1. Qualifications are Important, But So is Chemistry


It is non-negotiable that the candidate should have some experience and success in looking after children. A professional will know how to handle a variety of situations. However, personality is even more important than experience. It is imperative that the au pair gets along with your family, and that the children specifically like the candidate. After all, they will be spending their entire holiday together.


  1. Trust Your Gut


There is no point leaving your children with someone you do not feel completely comfortable with. Even if the person has the best qualifications and comes highly recommended, if something does not feel right, accept it and move one. Choose an au pair agency that allows you to meet with and interview a selection of candidates beforehand to ensure you find one that meets all your requirements.


At AuPair Extraordinaire, we are committed to sourcing and placing only the best candidates, and we pride ourselves on doing just that. After all, there is nothing more important than the safety and healthy development of our children. Get in touch with us to find out more about how to go about securing the perfect au pair for your children for the school holidays.