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Read This Before You Get an Au Pair for 2020


Can you believe it – not just another year, but another decade is almost at an end. That is right – blink and we will be entering the roaring twenties of the 21st century. Whether you are ready for it or not, it is already time to start planning for next year if you do not want to get caught unprepared. This includes planning for your children’s school registration, school fees, uniforms, and books, as well as deciding whether you want to get an au pair for 2020.


With the demands of modern day living, it can be hard to balance the needs of your family and the demands of your career. Luckily, this does not have to be an “either/or” choice. With careful planning, you can make sure both get the attention they deserve. This includes the option to get an au pair for 2020 to look after your kids while you are working to provide for their future. A quality caregiver will ensure that your children get the necessary stimulation and structure they need for healthy development.


Here are some practical questions and considerations to keep in mind if you plan to get an au pair for 2020:


  • Before you get an au pair for 2020, make a list of your expectations and requirements. This will help you determine which candidate is the right match for your family.


  • Consider questions like whether you need someone with a car and/or driver’s licence? Will they have to pick the children up from school or take them to extramural activities? If this is the case and you are providing the vehicle, remember to also notify your insurance company about the additional driver.


  • Also ask yourself whether your children require any help with schoolwork? Not all au pairs provide this service or are equally good at helping with all subjects. If your child requires help with a specific subject or activity, it is good to mention this as a requirement up front.


  • Are you planning on going on holiday, and would you need the au pair to come with you? Discuss this with the candidate and arrange this well in advance, especially if things like visas are required.


  • Always work through a professional agency to ensure you get matched with experienced and reliable candidates.


  • Meet the candidates in person before you make a decision. Qualifications are important, but personality is also vital. Both you and your children should get along with the person.


For more information and guidance on your journey to get an au pair for 2020, get in touch with AuPair Extraordinaire.