au pair at the beach with kids

Why It Is a Great Idea to Get an Au Pair for the School Holidays


The opportunities and demands presented by modern life often mean that both parents in a family are building a career and have to commit a certain amount of time to their work. While this is a great example for children and can open many doors for them, it also presents a number of challenges when raising children. The most obvious challenge would be that of time. With both parents working, there is not a dedicated caregiver who can look after the children when they are not at school. If this sounds familiar to you, you may want to consider getting an au pair for the school holidays.


Yes, that is right. You can – and you totally should – get an au pair for the school holidays, and here are some great reasons why:


  • A Familiar and Safe Space: For most working parents, having a career and children is not a problem most of the time. However, most jobs do not allow as many leave days as the number of vacation days that children get. You could put them in a day care, but that can get very expensive, and the school will not be able to provide as much personal care and attention to your children. Getting an au pair for the school holidays means your children can stay at home where they are comfortable and safe.


  • Quality Care: As mentioned above, many day care centres often do not provide personal care and attention, but rather general supervision. When you get an au pair for the school holidays, you know your children are being supervised by someone who is qualified to provide them with the necessary stimulation and entertainment.


  • It Provides Stability for The Children: Your house, your rules. When you get an au pair for the school holidays, you can agree on what the house rules are and how they are enforced. This will provide your children with a stable environment in which they feel comfortable and safe.


Provide your children with the best care you can give them, while also allowing yourself to focus on your career and provide for your family. Contact AuPair Extraordinaire to find out how you can get a professional au pair for the school holidays. AuPair Extraordinaire applies a very strict screening process to ensure that we only provide the absolute best candidates, and we go through great lengths to match the right candidate with the right family for complete peace of mind.