Parenting comes with its own set of challenges among which is providing your child with the best possible academic support and care. Deciding on whether you need a tutor or au pair for your child may not be as clear-cut, but Au Pair Extraordinaire is here to assist you in understanding the differences between the two and how hiring either or both can benefit your child’s developmental and educational growth.


What Are the Differences that Come into Play When Deciding to Hire a Tutor or an Au Pair?

A tutor and au pair each come with a unique set of skills aimed towards inspiring your child to grow and lead an extraordinary life. Where tutoring is aimed toward your child’s academic growth, an au pair is there to help nurture and take of your child in your absence. As much as we know that you would like to be with them through every step in their personal and scholastic journey, it sometimes isn’t possible.


Temporary or Permanent Academic Support

When it comes to tailored curriculum support, Au Pair Extraordinaire can assist you with a qualified tutor for your child’s grade level. As more parents are exploring the possibility of virtual or home-schooling, an academic support programme must be designed to fit into your schedule and meet the academic needs of your child. When you work with us, the preferred candidate undergoes an in-depth evaluation to ensure that their goals for your child’s education align with yours.


Providing Care When You Can’t Be There

Should the services you need extend beyond academia, an au pair candidate is ideally suited to look after your child when you can’t. They can be there to assist your child with their extra-curricular interests, provide them with stimulating activities and assist with the homework given to them by their tutor, amongst other specified responsibilities.


The Au Pair Extraordinaire Advantage

As hiring a tutor or au pair is an important decision that affects you and your family, we ensure that each candidate undergoes a stringent screening process to make sure that we provide you with the perfect match. We also take into account that your child may only need our assistance at certain times of the day and offer bespoke services to suit your schedule.


Exceptional Childcare and Educational Placement

Leaving your child’s educational future and care to a stranger is a daunting one. At Au Pair Extraordinaire we appreciate your concerns and to allay your fears we ensure that the candidate you select through us will be the perfect fit for your child. Our services are available in Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng and surrounding areas, including Pretoria. Contact us to find the ideal tutor or au pair addition to your family.