Advantages of Private Tutor

With both parents working, it is difficult to give your children the undivided attention that they need, especially when it comes to their schoolwork. More than often, it is also difficult to grasp what they need assistance with, considering that the school curriculum may have changed drastically since you were last in school. Consider engaging a private tutor for your child – the advantages are certainly worth it. Tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence and build important learning skills.

Your Own Private Teacher

Many children require extra attention in the classroom, but they don’t always receive it. This, in turn, leads to them falling behind or not comprehending the schoolwork. Every child has their own unique way of learning. Hiring a private tutor will give them the individual attention they need, and the tutor will get to know your child’s learning style which can facilitate their approach to teaching.

Preparing for tests and exams is where these professionals can assist the most as they concentrate on the areas of concern in your child’s schoolwork. As a parent, you will find a significant growth in your child’s understanding of the subject matter and an overall improvement in grades.

Self-paced and Self-directed Learning

Having a tutor can change a child’s attitude towards learning and school. They will provide your child with the resources needed to learn at a pace that is comfortable for them. Your child will gain the ability to use their initiative with schoolwork and learn to take responsibility for their studies. They will also develop study habits and skills that will not only take them through their primary and high school years but will equip them to excel at the tertiary level.

Academic and Personal Growth

Not only will these professionals provide your child with the tools needed to achieve goals inside and outside of school, but they will instil academic confidence in your child improving their self-esteem. Tutoring encourages one-on-one interaction without any distractions allowing your child to focus on learning and to ask questions without feeling self-conscious.

As classroom teaching strictly adheres to a set curriculum, private tutors will teach your child what’s in the school syllabus, but they will also go above and beyond, where appropriate. This provides the child with extra knowledge and develops their skills for time management and organisation which are useful in later life.

Au Pair Extraordinaire will provide you with a professional tutor that will not only give your child a learning advantage but will also instil better communication skills, encourage healthy relationships with peers and facilitate positive social and behavioural adjustments. Through our comprehensive screening process and suitable placements, we can make your child’s learning experience a truly rewarding one. Get in touch with us to learn more.