Working parenthood requires you to handle a constant stream of to-do’s, issues and awkward situations. Meeting the simultaneous requirements of work and family life is a balancing act and for parents that deal with this daily, it can be overwhelming. It is an enormous logistical and emotional task to provide for a family whilst being a parent. To give your children the care that they require will mean seeking additional assistance. Dependent on the needs of your family as a whole, you can hire a babysitter or employ an au pair.

A Temporary Solution

A babysitter might be an option to consider, however you need to take into account that this is not a permanent solution for your childcare needs. In many instances, babysitters have permanent jobs and are normally hired on an hourly basis for shorter periods. This could be daily for a couple of hours, over the weekend or sometimes at night. Many families hire babysitters as needed and sometimes they are regularly scheduled to free up some time so that errands can be done.

Optimal Childcare

It is hard to argue that the best care that a child can get is in the loving arms of their parents. That being said, hiring an au pair can give your child the individual attention that is greatly beneficial to them.  The opportunities presented by employing these professionals are numerous. Not only will there be a constant presence in the home but there will be a qualified person to see to your child’s needs as well as any light-duty chores around the home. In comparison to traditional daycare, hiring an au pair means that, as parents, you can design a schedule that works best for you. This leads to greater flexibility and alleviates the added stress of ensuring children are picked up from school on time. Parents can reclaim some alone time and provide an enriching experience for the whole family.

An au pair is an extension of the family – the person to see to your child when you cannot.

Finding the Perfect Fit

At Au Pair Extraordinaire, we are dedicated to finding families the perfect fit. Our screening process is known to be thorough and meticulous, giving you peace of mind knowing that your child is in excellent, qualified hands. Special care is taken in matching candidates to a family’s unique specifications, values and personality. Our agency has evolved into an established and trusted option for parents to approach when seeking the most suitable childcare available. Whether you would like to hire the ideal au pair, babysitter, nanny, nurse or tutor, we are perfectly positioned to match you with the perfect candidate. Get in touch with us to find out more.