Find the Best Au Pairs in Pretoria


As parents, we can all agree that living in a big city like Pretoria has its challenges. Sometimes it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to check off everything on our to-do lists. For many parents, getting support in the form of professional childcare has become an essential part of daily life. These professionals can assist your family in so many ways. Qualified and experienced tutors can facilitate your child’s academic performance and exceptional au pairs can be a pillar of support in your child’s life by assisting with various childcare duties that you may find difficult to tick off your to-do list. Whatever your needs as a family are, at Au Pair Extraordinaire, our expert team is ready to assist you to find the perfect tutors or au pairs in Pretoria, and in South Africa, for your child.


It may come as a surprise, but even in a major metro like Pretoria finding the right childcare professional is difficult. You may not suffer from a lack of options but sifting through a long list of candidates to find the ideal fit for your family can be overwhelming, to say the least. The qualifications of top tutors and au pairs can vary dramatically, and it can be difficult to know which candidates will be suitable for you. While the search is not always simple, we’re sure you agree it’s worth it to find the perfect companion for your little ones. Choosing to work with an agency like Au Pair Extraordinaire means that you will have access to a huge pool of potential tutors and au pairs in Pretoria.


The Perfect Companion for Your Little Ones


With our agency, parents have access to the personal guidance of a matching expert. Many parents have turned to professional childcare providers for assistance. An agency can offer so much more than just finding a suitable tutor or au pair. We also take the unique characteristics of your family into consideration and are devoted to matching your family and child with a caregiver who is a perfect fit for your family. Our agency has had time to establish extensive screening and comprehensive matching services which remove the hassle of finding tutors and au pairs in Pretoria.


Unparalleled Service by Au Pair Extraordinaire  


The best way to receive first-class service is to go straight to the childcare and education placement leaders. Get in touch to find out more about finding tutors or au pairs in Pretoria for your family. We approach our work with integrity, dedication and care and prioritise each family and candidate entrusting us with their childcare needs. All you need to do is fill in our online application form for tutors or au pairs and our friendly agents will do the rest.