Best Tutoring Services

Although Cape Town offers some of the best experiences South Africa has to offer, it is still a major metro. Life in a big city can feel like you are always rushing from one event to the next. It can be exhausting at the end of the day. You might feel like your plate is always full and that you struggle to dedicate enough time to help your child excel academically. Don’t despair because many parents share these sentiments! Many families have invested in professional tutoring services to provide additional support to their children and give them an academic edge. These tutors are not only academic experts but can also become important role players and confidants in your child’s life.


Choosing the Best Tutor for Your Family


It’s important that you choose the right tutor for your family and, most importantly, your child. Finding the right tutor match ensures that students shine in school, have a deeper understanding of the curriculum, have increased trust in their abilities overall, and learn valuable skills from an elite group of hand-picked professionals. The skills that excellent tutoring services will impart to your children will carry them through school and later university. We offer much more than just our services. Our caregivers understand and are invested in every stage of your child’s growth. At Au Pair Extraordinaire, we employ a sound matching process to make sure that your tutor will be perfectly aligned to your needs.


Choosing a Leading Agency


Finding great tutoring services on your own takes much time and effort. However, choosing to partner with an agency means that you have access to a pool of vetted professional tutors at your fingertips. These tutors work with kids of all ages to help them achieve their academic potential, receive higher scores on exams, retain knowledge and gain entrance to top schools. Enlisting tutoring services to supplement your child’s academic work is so much more than just additional support, as these caregivers are experts in their subjects and can give your child the extra boost to take them from performing well to exceptionally in their schooling careers. Choosing a tutor through professional tutoring services, like Au Pair Extraordinaire, ensures that you will find your family’s perfect fit through our industry-leading screening process taking the stress and uncertainty out of choosing the right candidate.


Get in Touch with Us


By offering a personalised service which is focused on your needs, our candidates support students of all ages to discover the joy of learning. Our brilliant, knowledgeable, and caring tutors have helped many students gain confidence in their abilities and achieve academic success.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about our professional tutoring services.