babysitter saying hello to mother and child

5 Tips to Help You Find Quality Au Pair Jobs

Being an au pair means dealing with and getting to know a whole new family intimately, so a perfect match is vital for optimal results. Here are some tips to help you in your search for quality au pair jobs:


  1. Be Passionate About Children

A love for children should always be the first and foremost reason for anybody to be considering au pair jobs. It’s all about them. The ideal candidate is motivated to create and sustain conditions in which children can grow, love and develop to lead extraordinary lives. They are attentive, care for children, and provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that is conducive to healthy development. The wellbeing of the children is always their main concern and the happiness of the children their main goal.


  1. Be Professional

You are taking on a huge responsibility – you are asking people to trust you with probably the most important thing in their lives: their children. If you want quality au pair jobs with great families, you need to look the part. Dress appropriately to make a good first impression, and make sure that you are on time for your interview. After all, if you can’t be on time, how can they trust you to pick up their children from school and drop them off at their extra-curricular activities on time?


  1. Be Personable

As important as it is to be professional you must also be human and let your personality shine through. Be friendly and responsive, and always have good manners. In effect, you are applying to become a part of their family, so they need to like you. If you are feeling a bit shy, turn your attention to the children and start asking them about their likes and hobbies. This will help to start the process of bonding and put the parents at ease.


  1. Ask Previous Families for References

Parents want to know that you can be trusted with their children. The best way to prove this is by showcasing your experience in previous au pair jobs. Ask the families that you have worked for before if they would mind providing you with a reference, or if they would mind if your potential new family contacted them.


  1. Partner with an Established and Reputable Agency

Finding quality au pair jobs are not easy, especially if you attempt it on your own. The best way to approach this is by partnering with an established agency that has a proven track record, such as AuPair Extraordinaire. We are known for our passion for families and work hard to maintain the best possible reputation.


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