au pair colouring with kids

Do You Want to Au Pair and Are You from Pretoria or Johannesburg?

If you have a love for children and their healthy development, and also have training and/or experience in looking after children, a job as an au pair could be perfect for you. What’s more, if you live in the Pretoria or Johannesburg area and can arrange transport, AuPair Extraordinaire might be looking for a candidate like you to be paired up with a host family.


Now, it is important to note that being an au pair is not the same as being a babysitter – it requires a bigger level of commitment and experience. So, AuPair Extraordinaire are looking for candidates in Pretoria and Johannesburg who have the necessary qualifications and meet the strict requirements to fill this role.


AuPair Extraordinaire Requirements

First of all, it is worth noting that AuPair Extraordinaire currently serves families in Johannesburg, so if you live in Pretoria and want to be an au pair, you need to be willing to travel. In addition to that, an au pair should always:


  • Be punctual: Being on time is a non-negotiable, as the children depend on you.
  • Dress professionally: You need to make a good impression and set a positive example for the children.
  • Be open to communication: This is vital. You and the children should be honest and open with each other. The same goes for you and the parents – you must be able to tell them if you are concerned about anything and listen to their instructions and expectations.
  • Drive responsibly: Your duties will most likely include picking up and dropping off the children. Speeding and reckless driving are unacceptable.
  • Be creative: Children require stimulation, both when learning and when socialising. Use your creativity to engage with them.
  • Be consistent: Children will depend on you for stability and guidance. If you let your moods dictate your attitude each day, it could cause the children to be insecure. You should also be familiar with the rules of the house and apply discipline accordingly where necessary.


Why Choose AuPair Extraordinaire

We take pride in our exceptional au pair placement service. We take great care to provide peace of mind to both the families and au pairs who put their confidence in us. To achieve this, we have a strict approval process, and candidates get the opportunity to have face-to-face interviews with host families before committing to a position. If you are in the Johannesburg or Pretoria area and want to become an au pair, contact us for more information.