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What to Ask When You Interview Au Pairs for Children


So, you have been considering getting some help around the house, especially when it comes to looking after your children. After all, they are your number one priority, and you want to make sure that they get the absolute best care and all the attention they need while you take care of your work and household responsibilities. But finding a childcare provider that is perfect for your family can be a difficult task. How do you know when you have found the right candidate? Here are a few questions to guide you when you interview au pairs for kids.


Break the ice by starting with some general questions:


  • Have they done au pair work before? And if so, for how long? These are easy and obvious questions to put the candidate at ease, and it gives you an indication of their level of experience.
  • What made them decide to become an au pair? This might give some insight on their commitment and areas of interest.
  • What do they like to do with their free time? What did they do this past weekend? They might have some intriguing hobbies or interests that could be incorporated into their activities to the benefit of everyone.


When interviewing au pairs for children in particular, you want to gauge their level of competency. Consider questions like:


  • Do they like kids? This might seem obvious, but no questions are too obvious when interviewing au pairs for children. Look at the way they act when they respond. Do they have a sparkle in their eye?
  • What experience do they have in childcare?
  • If they have looked after children before, how old were these children?
  • Do they have any childcare qualifications?


Because we are all individuals with our own abilities, qualifications, traditions, and beliefs, there are some practical things you may expect of the chosen au pairs for your children. Think of things like:


  • Do they have a valid driver’s licence? And have they driven kids around before?
  • If they are vegetarian, are the shortlisted au pairs willing to still prepare meat dishes/snacks for the children (if applicable)?
  • How do they view and approach the issue of discipline?
  • Ask what time of the day they are most productive. Are they a morning person, a night owl, or most active at midday? This might help you plan your schedule and their activities optimally.


These are just a few thought starters. If you are looking for expert, reliable au pairs for kids, contact AuPair Extraordinaire. We screen candidates thoroughly, and can set up interviews with candidates you like to find the perfect match for your family.