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What Makes a Candidate the Perfect Family Au Pair?


No two families are the same. Different families do not have the same characteristics, habits, or traditions, and neither do they have the same needs. Families can be as traditional or unconventional as you can imagine, and still be happy, whole families. And similarly, au pairs are all different – with different personalities, skills, and temperaments. With so many variables, how do you find the perfect match? What makes a perfect family au pair?


It stands to reason that different candidates would suit different families, depending on their individual traits and requirements. This is why it is so important for families and au pairs to first meet and get a feel for each other. That said, there are certain characteristics that are always present in the perfect family au pair.


  • First and foremost, a good candidate is an excellent communicator. This applies to interaction with the children, as well as with the parents. The children need to trust and feel safe with the childcare provider, while parents need to be able to share their expectations and constructive feedback easily with the candidate.


  • They need to be punctual. When the rest of the family’s schedule depends on the punctuality of the family au pair, even ten minutes can make or break a day. Whether it is getting the kids to school on time, or relieving the parents when they need to be at an important meeting, tardiness is not tolerated.


  • They need to care about kids. They will be spending a lot of time looking after the children, and this goes way beyond simply keeping an eye on them. The childcare provider needs to be involved with their emotional, mental, and physical development; be attentive to issues bothering them; and provide a stimulating space in which the children feel safe and cared for.


  • The ideal person is adaptable. They are entering the space of a new family and need to respect this, while being able to adapt to their routines and ways of doing things. This can include aspects like the food they eat, the activities they enjoy, or the way they apply discipline.


  • Very importantly – they need to be responsible. Parents trust au pairs to take care of their children and all the responsibilities that go with this. The safety and wellbeing of the children are in the hands of the caregiver.


If you have these traits, or if you are a parent looking for the perfect family au pair, contact AuPair Extraordinaire. We pride ourselves on matching professional candidates with the right families to support happy, healthy homes.