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Why Finding an Au Pair Through a Reputable Agency is so Important


With the new school year starting and parents heading back to work, families are seeking reliable professionals to care for their children. These professionals are much more than mere caretakers – they are often close with families and can become friends, mentors, educators, and trusted confidants to the children in their care. It is therefore essential when seeking a new hire that one finds the right person the first time around. Many families today opt to find an au pair through an agency, and there are several reasons why this is a preferred solution.


Better Control of the Process


It can be demanding to find an au pair on your own. It takes time to advertise your requirements, screen several people, conduct interviews, and decide on a fitting candidate. Most families simply do not have this kind of time available to take control of the process. Working through an agency means finding a candidate from a database of pre-screened, vetted, and carefully selected professionals who are better suited to your needs. In this way, less time is wasted, and the risks involved are minimised.


Your Needs are Prioritised


A superior agency such as ours at Au Pair Extraordinaire will put your needs as a family first. When partnering with us, we will find out about the hours of work you require, your family’s unique culture and values, and we will assess the type of needs your child has. Whether your little one requires transport, help with homework, or experienced assistance with special needs, our trusted agency will pair you with a phenomenal au pair.


The Vetting Process is Handled for You


Screening a prospective hire is the hardest part of finding a professional. Agencies that handle this vetting process for you will ensure that your needs as a family are met, with no fuss from your side. Our au pair agency takes special care to meticulously screen every potential candidate, and these screening methods are some of the most thorough in the industry. This vetting includes structured interviews, criminal checks, ID and driver’s licence verification, personality testing, and even social media screening.


Getting Started with Us


For an outstanding au pair agency that keeps your family’s best interests at heart, you need not look far. We at Au Pair Extraordinaire can help you find the perfect fit with an easy and free registration process. Simply apply with our online questionnaire and we will contact you to get the ball rolling.


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