Why You Need a Private Tutor

Here Are a Few Good Reasons Why You Should Get a Private Tutor


The past two years have seen people make extraordinary adaptations to their lives, one of which was switching to remote working. While some people have returned to the office, at least to some extent; many still work from home permanently. Remote work has left many parents in a tough situation, as they often ask themselves how to balance work as well as their children’s education. We understand that as a parent you want to do the very best for your children, but you don’t have to sell yourself short and try to be an educator for your children as well. Invest in getting a private tutor to help your children achieve academically and to allow you to focus on your other responsibilities while resting assured that your children are in capable and skilled hands.


Professional Support from Experts


It can be a challenge to balance your work and family life. Our private tutors are professionals and experts in their subjects. We go through an extensive vetting process to make sure that we match the right candidate with the right family, as we understand that each family is unique. Our tutors are reliable and knowledgeable; they also have a love and passion for children and can support them to reach their full potential. We work with only the most exceptional candidates, and they are all hand-selected by our team of professionals.


Cultivating a Higher Motivation to Learn


While some children can work on their own, younger children tend to learn better with someone guiding them. A private tutor can greatly increase your child’s motivation to learn. The tutor will become an integral part of your child’s life and, by extension, that of your family. These individuals can make a lasting impact on your child’s academic performance.


It is Less Stressful for You


A private tutor can reduce the amount of stress placed on you as a parent by occupying a supportive role in your family. This can be especially helpful when you are working from home and already have a lot on your plate. As a parent and remote-working professional, your time may be limited. As such, we do all the vetting and screening of a candidate for you. This process includes checking for candidates with at least one year of teaching/tutoring experience, conducting several well-structured interviews, performing criminal record checks and psychometric testing.


Let Us Assist You


You don’t have to search very far for a reliable and skilled private tutor. At Au Pair Extraordinaire, we have a team of professionals ready to assist you, get in touch with us today for free and easy registration. To apply, click here.