Hire a Tutor for Your Kids

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Hire a Tutor for Your Kids


Parents who have their hands full working from home, or those who are away at work all day, often need assistance. While au pairs, babysitters, and childminders are valuable, some children require help with their academic curriculum. This is where a tutor can alleviate much of the stress and pressure many parents face.


  1. What Are Your Needs as a Family?


No two families are alike, and everyone’s approach to their child’s education is different. Most parents, however, do try to be as involved and hands-on as possible, but life often gets in the way. There is work (whether from home or away), household responsibilities, and other family duties to which parents and guardians must attend. Then there is also the fact that many parents may be out of touch with the content presented at schools these days and feel out of their depth when helping their little ones.


Assessing your needs, expectations, and goals as a family when it comes to your child’s learning journey is the first step to getting the right tutor.


  1. How Does Your Child Learn?


Children have different learning styles. Some prefer interactive, play-based learning, others engage with the content in alternative ways. Take a look at the subjects to which your child gravitates, what motivates them, and where their biggest challenges lie. This will help you assess how they learn best. It will also enable you to pair them with the right tutor.


  1. What Kind of Tutor Are You Seeking?


Each family has their own set of dynamics, values, and lifestyle habits. Tutors work very closely with children for several hours a week, and will, therefore, need to fit into your family’s culture. Take the time to list some traits that are important to you in a hired professional to quickly sift out applicants you don’t want. You should also consider practical requirements, such as how many days a week they will need to assist, and for how many hours.


  1. What Will Your Vetting Process Be?


Vetting the applicants interested in your post is a challenge. There is a lot to consider, and it may take months before you find the right person. When partnering with us at Au Pair Extraordinaire, you won’t need to fuss over the screening process – we handle it all for you. Through extensive background checks, reference checks, psychometric testing, and in-depth interviews, we can match you with the right professional for the job.


We understand that your child’s future is important to you. We, therefore, aim to pair you with a tutor who will lend a helping hand where it matters most. To get in touch with us today, click here.





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