Hiring the Right Private Tutor

We Take the Fuss Out of Hiring the Right Private Tutor


In terms of education, South Africa is undergoing major changes. More and more families are finding value in at-home schooling options such as virtual learning and homeschooling. Modern families are also recognising that the right kind of after-school curriculum support with a private tutor is immensely helpful. Having someone with experience to assist your child with everything from homework to those subjects your little one finds challenging can alleviate much stress. So, if you are currently on the lookout for a private tutor near you, then you have come to the right place. We at Au Pair Extraordinaire will not only assist you in finding someone suited to your household, but we will save you time and effort by handling the whole process for you.


How Our Screening Process Works


After contacting us and talking to us about your needs as a family, one of our expert recruiters will match you with a superb private tutor. We also know how important it is to correctly vet each professional, which is why we take the process seriously. We take the time to carefully pair candidates with families that would best benefit from their experience and expertise. In fact, ±85% of our clients will hire a private tutor or teacher from the first candidate we pair them with. We offer the following forms of screening when helping you find a fantastic private tutor:


  • Finding the best candidates: Each day, we go through hundreds of applications from candidates and rigorously filter them to ensure that we settle on only the best applicants.
  • Psychometric testing: We test our private tutor candidates for levels of traits such as assertiveness, dependability, and self-discipline. These are not all we look for, however, as much of our testing is also focused on pairing the candidate with a family of similar values and personality styles.
  • Interviewing candidates: Using structured interview questions designed by a psychologist, we find out more about each applicant’s motivations, passions, and various abilities.
  • Checking references: We take the time to investigate all past employment and check references thoroughly.
  • Final screening process: During this final phase, we perform a criminal background check and verify each applicant’s Identity Document and/or work permit. Our clients can also opt for a Premium Social Media Check as well as extra verifications and checks.


We understand the value that a private tutor can introduce to a child’s learning journey. We also know what a big step this is for your family. Partnering with a stellar agency like us at Au Pair Extraordinaire will ensure that you don’t have to find the right hire alone. To find out more, simply click here.






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