Au Pair Services

Nowadays, many parents work full-time on top of raising their children and it can be a struggle trying to juggle all their responsibilities. This is why so many working families depend on reliable and professional au pair services.

There are a variety of benefits that an au pair can offer to a working family and parent. We at Au Pair Extraordinaire explore them with you.


The Benefits of Au Pair Services for Working Families

Being a working parent can be stressful. After all, you want the best for your children while still giving your all at your job. Maintaining a work-life balance is challenging enough, but, when you add kids into the mix, it can become even more difficult. So, why not hire an au pair and reap the benefits of what they have to offer? Here are just some of the advantages of opting for au pair services:

  • Communication and Peace. When you are a single or working parent, it can be difficult to keep up with your children’s busy schedules and list of daily activities, especially when you must maintain focus on your hefty workload. An au pair will keep abreast of your child’s daily schedule and activities and update you on their progress regularly. This, in turn, will help you as a parent to stay connected and involved. If you hire an au pair through Au Pair Extraordinaire, you can also enjoy peace of mind as an added bonus. We screen our au pair candidates thoroughly and they are required to meet several requirements before we connect them with families.
  • Improved Work-life Balance. Maintaining a work-life balance does not have to be challenging when you have dedicated au pair services that you can count on. You will no longer have to worry about interrupting your work schedule to do school runs or rush your children to extramural activities because the au pair can transport your children to where they need to be. Some au pairs may even assist with light cleaning around the house freeing up your time to spend with your children after work.
  • Flexible Schedules. Unlike after-school facilities, an au pair can adapt to your schedule. When first hiring an au pair, you can specify when you will need them and for how long. This gives you the freedom to maintain your work schedule without any added concerns.
  • Value for Money. Hiring an au pair could save you money in the long run, especially if you have more than one child. This is because you do not pay per child. You can expect to pay a monthly salary based on the candidate’s experience and qualifications. This is major value for money for any family.


If you’re looking into au pair services as a solution to manage your schedule as a working parent, please feel free to contact us.