Become an Au Pair in South Africa

The ‘au pair’ job title is well-known. It may be one of the first jobs to pop up when searching for employment after school or university. It is a popular option for young adults and those interested in childcare and education.

However, what benefits can you enjoy when pursuing this career path? Au Pair Extraordinaire shares some rewarding reasons to become an au pair.

Why Should You Consider Becoming an Au Pair in SA?

 If you work through a reputable agency, like ours, there are several benefits to pursuing this particular career path, if you meet the necessary requirements.

  1. It Looks Great on Your CV. If you are considering your future career, keep in mind that potential employers love seeing au pairing experience on a CV. This is especially true for anyone who is looking to further their career within the childcare industry. It is a job that requires you to take on important responsibilities, which equips you with maturity and adaptability – great skills to focus on for future job interviews. Not to mention, it will show an employer that you are hard-working and trustworthy.
  2. It Helps Develop Many Skills. Speaking of developing yourself as a well-rounded, skilled professional, this role will allow you to develop many new skills and opportunities to grow. From communication to problem-solving abilities, your skill set will become multi-dimensional with a range of soft skills to add to your checklist. Not only will these skills make you an excellent au pair, but they will benefit you in your future and even daily life.
  3. It Pays. You will receive a market-related fee for your childminding services, and, since you are entrusted with the important job of taking care of a family’s children, we will set up a contract ensuring you receive adequate payment for your services. Your rates will depend on a few factors, like the number of hours you work per week, your relevant qualifications, and previous experience.

An Exciting Career with Au Pair Extraordinaire

If it sounds like a job you would like to pursue, then why not apply to be a candidate at Au Pair Extraordinaire? We make sure to connect you with the perfect family by setting up interviews for you to attend.  All you would need to do is send us your CV and fill in our online application form. If you meet our requirements, we will arrange an interview with you. If you are successful, you will be added to our system, and you can start interviewing for and accepting jobs.

Explore a thrilling career option by contacting us today.