Permanent Tutor

We all want to provide our children with the best in educational support, after all, their future depends on it. So, why not hire extra help in the form of a permanent tutor? Because, despite being invested in their academic success, parents may not always find it possible to guide their children on an educational level. Au Pair Extraordinaire is here to assist.

4 Reasons to Hire a Permanent Tutor

Committing to assisting your children with their homework may not always be possible. Our days are often filled with a multitude of other responsibilities and, unless you are a teacher, you may feel somewhat out of your depth. In such cases, hiring a permanent tutor could be majorly beneficial to both you and your children.


  1. One-on-One Sessions. One of the main advantages of hiring a tutor is that your child will receive personal attention from a trained professional. This will lead to a unique learning experience that they may not be able to receive in class. It also allows the tutor to get to know the child as an individual, which, in turn, allows them to customise their lessons according to your child’s requirements.
  2. A Positive and Safe Environment. Children can experience stress just like adults. Schoolwork can become overwhelming and any disruptions in class can add to the stress. Having a tutor gives your child the opportunity to learn and complete their work in a peaceful environment, devoid of distractions. The individual nature of tutoring also creates a more personal relationship between tutor and child. This means that your child will be more comfortable and start to associate academics with enjoyment instead of stress.
  3. Improved Academics. As a tutor can focus more on the specific child’s needs and adapt their lessons accordingly, they can successfully help your child in any areas of learning they may struggle with. A tutor will also make sure your child is properly prepared for tests, exams, and assignments. This will, in turn, give your child increased confidence in their capabilities, allowing them to manage their workload and study more easily.
  4. Improved Habits. A permanent tutor encourages and teaches your child and instils in your child several academic skills, including healthy study habits. Soon, your child will even begin to implement these skills and habits on their own.


At Au Pair Extraordinaire, we understand how important these benefits are in your child’s academic career. This is exactly why our screening process is meticulous and comprehensive. By offering only the very best candidates, we make sure to pair families with their ideal tutors. All you need to do to get started is contact us and fill in our online application form. Get started now to find your child’s perfect tutor.