What to look for in tutoring companies

Here is What to Look for When Hiring a New Tutor


The people in your child’s life, whether they be family, friends, caretakers or teachers, play a vital role in your little one’s development. When it comes to education, however, having the right support for your child is essential, as it can make or break your child’s love for learning. It is for this reason that so many parents struggle to find a suitable tutor – the process is tricky and requires specialised vetting and resources that streamline finding the right person for the job.


Here at Au Pair Extraordinaire, our expertise lies in pairing families with someone phenomenal that will not only assist the child’s learning journey but become a valued member of the supportive community surrounding the child through their development. If you are seeking a tutor, have a look below at some important traits to bear in mind.


Experience with Children


Past experience and qualifications when it comes to tutoring are a major bonus. Not only do they enable you to gauge reliability and expertise, but they can help to give you an idea of whether the candidate is a good fit for your family.


Flexibility and Empathy


Every child is different, with their own unique learning style and set of motivations. A flexible tutor will not use a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather adapt their teaching method to accommodate your child. Empathy also plays a role here, as this quality helps the tutor to better understand your child and will enable your child to feel seen, heard, and understood during learning.


Enthusiasm for What They Do


Keeping a child engaged and interested in more difficult subjects can be a challenge, which is why an infectious enthusiasm for learning is required from the tutor. A tutor with enthusiasm will be passionate about what they teach and will inspire the child to feel the same way about the content.


How We Simplify the Process for You


With us, there is no need to search far and wide for a tutor that is compatible with your family – we do all the hard work for you. Our stringent screening ensures you are matched with a professional, top-notch candidate who fits in well with your family’s values and preferences. We can also help you with Teach@Home packages, homeschooling tutors and teachers, and even a virtual education option. If you would like to know more about our process and how we can assist you with a superb tutor hire, be sure to contact us today.