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6 Advantages of Hiring a Private Tutor Through Au Pair Extraordinaire


There are various reasons families opt for a private tutor for their little ones. Sometimes, it is to aid their educational development and assist in homework and tough subjects, or even to ensure that home-schooling still affords optimal learning outcomes. Not all parents have the time to sit through homework or accommodate their child’s learning style, either. As a top-tier childcare and education placement service, you can expect a few benefits when you hire a private tutor through us, and we explore six advantages below.


  1. We Screen Each Candidate for You


We apply a rigorous filtering methodology when it comes to vetting our candidates. We make sure to understand their background, experience, personality, strengths, values, and how well they will fit into your family.


  1. We Will Match You with the Right Fit


After getting in touch with us and telling us more about your needs as a family and what times would suit you best for tutoring, we will draw from our extensive database of superb candidates and pair you with a pre-screened professional. You are also provided with a free Meet-and-Greet trial with the private tutor with whom you matched.


  1. Essential One-on-One Engagement


In a classroom, it is easy for children to fall behind due to the attention given to other children. A private tutor provides essential one-on-one engagement in which the child can form a trusting connection. This safe space and personal attention contribute to improved learning outcomes.


  1. A Tailored Learning Experience


Adapting a curriculum’s material to a child’s unique way of learning is essential, especially if your little one does not take in information as efficiently through traditional classroom methods. In this way, a private tutor will help to identify how your child learns and the best way to navigate the material in less time.


  1. Children Can Work at Their Own Pace


Personal tutoring means fewer distractions for your little one, as well as more time to work through the educational material. For some children, this is meaningful because the condensed allotted time slots in a classroom setting do not allow them enough time to fully grasp the material and explore concepts in which they are interested.


  1. It Develops Confidence and Motivation


Having an encouraging and patient private tutor to offer support during lessons will promote a better attitude towards learning in the child. When learning is intuitive and flows with your child’s strengths, the content is more fun and therefore easier to grasp. It can also offer your child invaluable resources and skills for future learning on their own.


If you would like to hire a private tutor through us today, simply get in touch with us here.