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The Benefits of Partnering with Our Au Pair Recruitment Agency in Johannesburg


Take a drive through Johannesburg and you are sure to notice something – the city is alive and on the go. Johannesburg is home to beautiful suburban neighbourhoods, sprawling parks and family-friendly recreation areas, and plenty of superb schools. This means that you will find many households living here, looking to take full advantage of the family-oriented lifestyle to which Johannesburg caters. Of course, with children comes the question of childcare, and our recruitment agency can help you find the perfect au pair.


Why an Au Pair May Be the Right Fit for You


Most parents and guardians wish they had an extra day in the week to get all that needs doing done. Juggling work, household responsibilities, and raising kids leaves many families with their hands full – even for homes where both parents jump on board to help. Daily schedules can be hard to work out, especially when parents are expected to be in two places at once. And, as children get older and require transport to school and extracurricular activities, managing that monthly timetable becomes a Herculean effort. Then there is the question of homework, assignments, and light chores relating to the kids that simply take much more time than is available. This is where hiring an au pair is exceptionally helpful in relieving the pressures of parenthood.


School pick-ups and drop-offs, helping with afterschool care, and ensuring your little ones stick to a structured daily routine is much more doable with an extra pair of hands around the house to assist where needed. An au pair is also ideal for children who require a lot of personal attention, socialisation, and who learn best through one-on-one educational activities.


We Will Help You Find the Right Match


Unfortunately, parents seeking the services of a professional childminder in Johannesburg may search for months without success. Our recruitment company, on the other hand, has access to the right resources required to pair families with an au pair that aligns with their family culture and values, as well as the kind of childcare and hours they would expect from their hire. We carefully screen each applicant by doing criminal checks, personality and psychological evaluations, credit checks, and much more. We thoroughly vet each candidate so that you do not have to – which saves you much time and allows for a more seamless transition for your family.


If you are seeking a professional, friendly, and committed au pair in Johannesburg, feel free to contact us with your questions or apply with us to get the process started today.