Tutoring Services

Hire a Professional Through Au Pair Extraordinaire


There are a handful of people that will play a critical role in your child’s development. These may include close family and friends, but more often than not, teachers and tutors too. Tutors, in particular, work very closely with children, and this contact must remain positive to ensure your little one’s lifelong love for learning. Finding trustworthy tutoring services, however, can be difficult. Even when hiring on recommendations, there is no way for you to know that you are hiring someone who is an ideal match for your family. At Au Pair Extraordinaire, we take the uncertainty out of this vetting process.


How We Ensure Ideal Placements


No matter how many hours a week you require tutoring services for your child, you are still seeking someone who understands children and teaches with compassion and care. Home-schooling and virtual schooling from home has already become a new norm for many households and finding professional assistance in this regard can ensure that your child has the best possible educational outcomes. At Au Pair Extraordinaire, our job is to make sure you find someone who offers so much more than just tutoring services, but an individual who fits well into your family culture and is compatible with your child’s personality. Tailored curriculum support during hours that work well for you is also a must, and we can help you find someone who accommodates your requirements with ease.


While vetting candidates, we dedicate a lot of time to exploring who each person is. We make use of in-depth evaluations to get a feel for each candidate and what kind of family they would best assist. We also look at experience, expertise, and qualifications. Lastly, we assess their personality, core values, aspirations, and authenticity to make sure we get placements right the first time. This means a child’s education will not be disrupted while trying to find the right kind of tutoring services.


How to Find a Fit Through Au Pair Extraordinaire


With us, your search for a home-schooling teacher or tutor is hassle-free. First, you connect with us and let us know what you require. Then, our team of expert recruiters will match you with the most qualified tutor for the job who has already been pre-screened. Lastly, you get to meet the prospective candidate and find out if they will indeed be a good fit.


There is no need to struggle through a string of candidates on your own – leave the process up to us and we will pair you with a friendly and professional tutor near you.