au pair helping a child wash their hands

To parents and guardians, there is nothing more important the happiness, health, and wellbeing of their little ones. While some parents might have the privilege of staying home with their children, other families must rely on outside help when it comes to caring for, feeding, and even tutoring their children. Some households also require a helping hand to assist with chores, errands, and transport related to the children’s activities. This is where finding the right au pair is essential, as they are far more involved than a babysitter or childminder – they become part of the family. Therefore, your vetting process must be thorough and give you any information needed to avoid future misunderstandings and challenges.


What to Keep in Mind While Screening an Au Pair


Before hiring anyone, extensive communication is needed. While recommended checks include asking about previous work referrals or police clearance to work with children, much of the screening process is intuitive. You will need to get a sense of whether or not the au pair in question is a good fit for your family’s schedules, lifestyle, and unique culture.


The person you hire must be able to accommodate your parenting style, rules, and preferences, as well as positively contribute to the wellbeing of your child. Building up this trust during one or two interviews is not always possible, either, and it may take time before you are comfortable enough to leave this new acquaintance alone with your child. It is essential to move at a pace with which you are comfortable while asking honest questions and encouraging a positive environment that fosters openness.


It is also important to talk to your prospective au pair about food allergies, whether they are willing to care for pets and do light housework such as dishes, as well as how reliable their vehicle is. Go over standard protocol during emergencies and ensure the person you hire understands clearly what is expected of them.


How We Streamline the Process for You


Here at Au Pair Extraordinaire, we simplify the journey of finding the perfect fit for your family by taking the fuss out of the vetting process. By the time we match you with the ideal hire, we have already:


  • Filtered through hundreds of CVs.
  • Examined candidates through psychometric testing.
  • Performed in-depth interviews.
  • Performed reference checks and final checks that include the applicants’ criminal backgrounds, ID and work permit verification, and even social media checks.


If you are seeking a reliable, trustworthy au pair matched with you through our industry-leading vetting process, all you have to do is fill in our online application form today.