Au Pair in Pretoria and Johannesburg

If you currently reside within Pretoria or Johannesburg, then you have probably already seen how many au pair agencies exist close to you. Unfortunately for parents and caregivers, not all childminders are experienced or understand children. Unlike hiring other kinds of employees, an au pair is a far more personal decision, as the role requires dedication, responsibility, and the ability to adapt to a family’s dynamics and lifestyle well. We understand that finding the right person for the job is stressful, which is why we take this process and streamline it for you by pairing you with someone that will uphold our values of trust and integrity.


For families currently seeking an au pair in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and surrounding areas, below are a few great reasons to partner with us.


Families Without Enough Time


Between work, family and running all kinds of errands, most families feel completely overwhelmed with their daily schedules. This routine is not only difficult to juggle each day, but in times of urgency, it can be a challenge to find someone reliable to watch your children. This is where an exceptional au pair makes the world of difference. Not only does minding the children free up some time for families, but it takes immense pressure off parents and caregivers who wish to afford their kids the personal attention they deserve.


Children Requiring Special Care


No two children are the same and trying to fit them into a cookie-cutter mould does not always pan out well. Some children simply require far more attention, interaction, or affection. This might be due to medical conditions, neurodivergent thinking or behaviour, or their personality. As caregivers, it is not our place to change children, but rather to embrace their strengths and empower them when it comes to areas they might struggle. Such special attention is not always possible for busy and working parents, however, and this is where an au pair can take the reins and offer invaluable support.


For families living in busy social hubs such as Pretoria or Johannesburg, children are often exposed to various cultures, as well as new and interesting people. Inviting someone new into the home, though, offers marvellous opportunities for healthy cultural exchange and the ability to bond with someone trustworthy outside their familial safety net. Household management also becomes easier when hiring an au pair who agrees to help with a few chores and errands to lighten the family’s load.


For superb au pairs in Pretoria and Johannesburg, you can trust our thorough screening process to match you with a professional that best suits your family.